As the publisher and owner of PINK/PINK PAGES, I would like to share with you the new venture we are working on for spring 2014. 

"Marry Me PINK" the "Ultimate Guide to Gay Weddings and Honeymoon Destinations" will be the first publication of its kind to hit the LGBT communities in the USA and Canada.  At the same time, I would like to invite you to join us as partners and become part of "Marry Me PINK."  I have selected special businesses who I believe will be a perfect choice for "Marry Me PINK."  Without any doubt in my mind our partnership would open the doors for new opportunities, exposure and revenues. 

Here are few ideas/opportunities for exposure and increase in revenues. 
  1. Affiliate program: We offer our readers the opportunity to purchase many different services directly from our website. PINK will promote your business for free with email blasts, editorial coverage and more. In return we ask for a percentage of the total sale, just as other companies do with their affiliates programs.
  2. Department stores and retailers will have the opportunity to become "The Registry" sponsors and promote their products and their stores. As a sponsors you will be able to choose as many pages as you wish.
  3. In November this year, PINK will be hosting the closing party for Reeling––The Chicago Lesbian and Gay Film festival for 350 VIP guests. PINK can include your company promo materials in our famous VIP gift bags, and showcase your company at our spot at the theatre's lobby, which will increase your visibility and exposure during the entire duration of the festival. 
  4. The PINK Gives-A-Way program is designed to create big buzz with our readers by giving away a vacation, product or music download, will position your organization as a huge supporter of the LGBT community, ending up with an increase LGBT loyalty relationship to your brands.

About "Marry Me PINK" the Ultimate Guide to Gay Weddings and Honeymoon Destinations
  • This special issue of "Marry Me PINK" will be published in print and online, and advertiser ads will appear in both.
  • Not to be confused with the regular spring issue, "Marry Me PINK" will be a separate issue from PINK. 
  • Print run 25,000 copies and most likely more, which will depend on ad sales for this issue. 
  • Please note: there will be two covers, one for the guys and one for the ladies.
  • Free copies will be available at gay bars, community centers, and other gay establishments in major cities all over the USA and Canada.  Copies of "Marry Me PINK" will be available for  purchase at $10 each on our website.
  • To celebrate the launch of "Marry Me PINK" we will be hosting a VIP Launch Party at the InterContinental hotel on Michigan Ave in Chicago on March 2014, for the release of this issue.     
  • Please note the distribution will begin around Valentine's Day 2014
  • The VIP Party will mark the beginning of the 25th Year Anniversary, not to mention the legacy and contribution of PINK and PINK PAGES to our community. The 25th year Anniversary plans will be available later in 2014. 

"Marry Me PINKwill include three sections

The first section will include an introduction and the things you will need to know about putting a wedding together. Things to consider and avoid for the big day.

  • Introduction: From past to present: Our Fight in Making Gay Marriages A Legal Reality. 
  • Planning The Big Day
  • Wedding's Check List
  • Ceremony Timetable
  • How To Apply For A Marriage License
  • Find The Perfect Wedding Location
  • A Good Band Is Hard To Find
  • How to find a good catering company, baker, jewelry, wedding gowns and Tuxidos, and more
  • The Best and Worst 10 Quotes Ever Written or Said on Gay Weddings  
  • Fashion: Wedding Spread: "I Will Always Love You"
  • The Wedding Registry: Our Suggestions of Wedding gifts

The second section will cover Honeymoon Destinations for the newly wed
  • Countries in support of Gay Marriages. (world diagram)
  • Introduction: Facts about Gay Travel
  • The impact of the LGBT on the international travel industry––a look at the past and the future. 
  • Will Legalization of Gay Marriages will impact tourism and travel in the years to come.
  • What do you need to know before you choose your honeymoon destination
  • How to find the perfect Honeymoon destination
  • The Best Ten International Locations for Your Honeymoon 
  • Fashion: "The Honeymooners"

The third section the Gay Wedding Directory will include a list of all the advertisers by category of service.

Early Bird Special: We offer now a 20% discount now. This offer can be changed without any notice.
Please note: As most businesses do, we do require advertising support in order to maintain our high level of editorial coverage, production, promotions and reputation. There will be two covers , one for the women and one for the guys.

An award winning publication PINK/PINK PAGES has been "The Most Comprehensive Publicationto serve the LGBT community in the USA since 1990, with huge presents in Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Seattle.  Our website PINKmag.com and our print issues offer our readers the most comprehensive, up to date, authoritative cutting edge editorial coverage on a daily base—featuring edgy LGBT issues, community news, culture, art, style, fashion, travel, entertainment, automotive and more. We also offer our readers the opportunity to purchase many different services directly from our site PINKmag.com such as professional services, airlines tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, gay vacations and much more.

In May 2012, we launched the new face of our website and introduced many new features to our readers  As a result of the changes we made, our website seen a huge increase in traffic from all over the world. From less than 30,000 visitors in May 2012, we reach over 2,000,000 visitors who hitting our site every month. In addition, PINK Magazine won few prestigious awards in 2012/13. 

Best of Chicago 2012 Award  for publishing and service.
TOP 5% Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles for 2012
TOP10' Gay & Lesbian Magazines/Publications in the USA for 2012 by Cision Navigator
TOP10' LGBT Magazines in the USA for 2012 by Gay European Tourism Association 
10 Best Lesbian Magazines in the world for 2013 by Dating Advice 
"TOP10 Gay & Lesbian Magazines in the USA for 2013" by Gay European Travel Association

Print issues are published four times a year:  
Gay Pride issue in June • fall issue in August. • Holidays/winter issue in December • Spring Issue in March. 
PINK/PINK PAGES includes five sections: 

• An Editorial (PINK) section.
• Visitor Gay Guide to our cities with information on what to see, do and more. 
• A Resource Guide to Gay Wedding (MARRY ME PINK) services 
 A Yellow Pages (PINK PAGES) Directory of gay own and gay friendly businesses. 
• Coupon Section (PINK COUPON) that offers many deals from our advertisers to our readers.

We always introduce our partners, advertisers and vendors with new tools and opportunities to showcase their products. These tools are proven to be extremely effective as they capture the lucrative LGBT local and global markets. From editorial coverage to participation in our famous VIP PINK parties, events, street fairs, e-blasts, social media, give-a-ways and more, we get our partners and advertisers the exposure they deserve with our affluent and loyal readers.

To review PINK's regular media kit, go to http://www.pinkmag.com/advertising.html 
If interested ask about the specials for PINK PAGES.

If you are interested in receiving the prototype, rates and demographics, or learning more about this special issue send us an email to contact@PINKmag.com  and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


David Cohen
PINK Magazine & PINK PAGES Directories  



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