When people generally think of Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood, two images come immediately to mind: the Chicago Cubs' Wrigley Field, and the fantastically flamboyant gay area known as Boystown.   As the first officially recognized gay village in the United States, Boystown offers something for everyone, from the oldest establishment, Little Jim’s Tavern, which has anchored the community for 40 years to Sidetracks voted one of the best gay video bar in the world, and Steamworks one of the best bath house/gym in the country. With the installation of the rainbow pillars along Halsted Street and the opening of Center on Halsted in 2007, Boystown became officially the “gayborhood” and  the core of the LGBT community in Chicago. 
But, there's so much more to Lakeview, particularly a vibrant little section called the Southport Corridor, one of a trendiest shopping districts, offering a mix of popular chains as well as independently owned specialty shops and boutiques. As Boystown became too expensive (even though the majority of gay bars remain there) gays are moving further north toward Uptown, Andersonville, and Edgewater.  Named after it’s historic theater, the Uptown neighborhood once was the center of Chicago’s nightlife in the 40’s and 50’s. This is where you can find Al Capon’s headquarters,  a landmark that was just recently renovated into an office building. Located near the Uptown Theater, and next to the  favorite gay sports bar and grill Crew, the Green Mill is one of the oldest and most remarkable jazz clubs still going strong in the city of Chicago. Once a sleepy little village made up primarily of Swedish immigrants, Andersonville is now one of Chicago's trendiest “village within the city.” With significant mix of international businesses, a new influx of families with children, and large LGBT population all make this a very diverse community. Andersonville is also known for its unique commercial district, made up almost entirely of a variety of independent, locally owned specialty shops, restaurants, and service providers. However, it has a growing number of nationally known chains including a Starbucks Coffee, McDonald's, and a recently Potbelly among others. According to a report from CNN Money and a survey by Trulia, Uptown, Andersonville and Edgewater are the most popular neighborhoods among gay Chicagoans.  
Just steps away from these gayborhoods you can soak in the sun at Osterman Beach, or Hollywood Beach (after the street) the only “gay” beach in Chicago located in Rogers Park nestled between the lake and the North Shore communities. Known for its vintage apartments and Victorian houses, and being home to Loyola University, Rogers Park has an indominatable independent spirit fueled by its many gay newcomers,  new independent shops and boutiques, and fancy restaurants.  With the renovation of its quaint and cozy theater the Morse, this neighborhood quickly becoming the center of the northside, With the The Glenwood bar, Sidecar Bar and Morse L restaurant just steps away.   Just south of Morse where Devon and Clark Streets meet you can find the established gay bar Jackhammer and Touché, as well as the future home of the Gerber/Hart LGBT Library and Leather Archives Museum.
Adobo Grill
1610 N. Wells • 312-266-7999

Alinea  alinearestaurant.com
1723 N. Halsted • 312-867-0110

Andie’s - Middle Eastern
5253 N. Clark • 773-784-8616
1467 W. Montrose • 773-348-0654

Ann Sather 
3411 N. Broadway•773-305-0024

5316 N. Clark • 773-506-9990

Avenues @ Peninsula Chicago
108 E. Superior • 312-573-6754

Ay Ay Picante
Peruvian Seafood & Steak  
4569 N.Elston • 773-427-4239

The Bagel - European Jewish & Deli 
3107 N. Broadway 773-477-0300 
50 Old Orchard Center
Skokie • 847-677-0100
Bagels, cold cuts, cheeses and salads. 

Bistro Campagne - bistrocampagne.com
4518 N. Lincoln  • 773-271-6100 

619 W. Randolph • 312-715-0708

BOKA  bokachicago.com
1729 N. Halsted • 312-337-6070

Brazilian Bowl 
3204 N. Broadway•773-857-2002

Cafe Ba Ba Reeba 
2024 N. Halsted • 773-935-5000

The Cage    thegagechicago.com
24 S. Michigan • 312-372-4243

Chicago Brauhaus
- German
4732 N. Lincoln 773-784-4444

Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder Company
2121 N. Clark • 773-248-2570

201 N. State • 312-239-9500

COCO PAZZO cocopazzochicago.com
300 W. Hubbard • 312-836-0900

The Dog Joint 
350 W. Armitage • 773-687-9573

El Mariachi Restaurant 
3420 N. Broadway•773-549-7020

EVEREST  everestrestaurant.com
440 S. LaSalle, 40FL• 312-663-8920

3202 N Broadway•773-525-0052

Fiesta Mexicana
4806 N. Broadway • 773-769-4244
2423 N. Lincoln • 773-348-4144

Fred’s At Barney’s New York    
15 E. Oak•312-596-1111•barneys.com

500 N. Franklin • 312-527-3718GIORDANO’S   giordanos.com
730 N. Rush • 312-951-0747

Goose Island Brew Pub
1800 N. Clybourn • 312-915-0071

Horizon Cafe 
3805 N. Broadway • 773-883-1565

JAPONAIS  japonaischicago.com
600 W. Chicago • 312-822-9600

Joy’s Noodles & Rice - Thai
3257 N. Broadway 773-327-8330
Popular institution in Boys-town BYOB. 
La Fonda Latino Grill
• Colombian
5350 N. Broadway  • 773-271-3935

Las Mananitas
3523 N. Halsted  • 773-528-2109

LES NOMADES  lesnomades.net
222 E. Ontario • 312-649-9010

Lula Cafe - lulacafe.com
2537 N. Kedzie Blvd. • 773-489-9554

MARIGOLD  marigoldrestaurant.com
4832 N. Broadway • 773-293-4653

May Street Market
1132 W. Grand • 312-421-5547

Melrose Restaurant 
3233 N. Broadway •773-327-2060

5707 N. Clark • 773-561-1600
Mirabell Restaurant German
3454 W. Addison • 773-463-2160

Mista Pizza 
2921 N. Broadway•773-698-6688

MK Restaurant - mkchicago.com
868 N. Franklin • 312-482-9179

2300 N. Lincoln Park West
monamigabi.com • 773-348-8886

Moto •  motorestaurant.com
945 W. Fulton • 312-491-0058

NOMI  nomirestaurant.com
800 N. Michigan • 312-239-4030

Noodles in the Pot - Thai
2453 N. Halsted • 773-975-6177
The sister restaurant to the popular Joy’s Noodles & Rice in boystown.

Nookies on Bryn Mawr 
1100 W. Bryn Mawr•773-516-4188
Most popular gay spot in Edgewater 
One Sixty Blue  onesixtyblue.com
1400 W. Randolph • 312-850-0303

Pie Hole Pizza Joint 
3477 N. Broadway•773-525-8888 
Great  joint in the heart of Lakeview, Custom made-to-order slices and unique designer pizzas. BYOB!  

5624 N. Clark • 773-334-5688

PROVINCE  provincerestaurant.com
161 N. Jefferson • 312-669-9900

Phil Stefani's 437 Rush 
437 Rush St • 312-222-0101

3455 N. Broadway•773-661-9893

Riva Crab House 
Navy Pier • 312-644-7482

R J Grunts • 773-929-5363
2056 N. Lincoln Park West

SEASONS @ Four Seasons Hotel 
120 E. Delaware Pl.•312-649-2349

Select Cut  
2808 N. Halsted • 773-244-1500

875 N. Michigan • 312-787-9596

SPIAGGIA  spiaggiarestaurant.com
980 N. Michigan • 312-280-2750

SPRING  springrestaurant.net
2039 W. North • 773-395-7100

Stefani's Tuscany Cafe • Italian  
77 W. Wacker Dr. • 312-252-0863

504 N. Wells • 312-595-2300

842 W. Randolph • 312-563-1224

52 W. Elm • 312-573-4000

Tank Sushi  
Lincoln Ave • 773-769-2600

TRU  trurestaurant.com
676 N. St. Clair • 312-202-0001

Viaggio at the Park 
401 W. Fullerton • 773-747-3333


1732 N. Halsted • 312-266-1199

71 W. Monroe • 312-332-4040

Wilde Bar and Restaurant 
3130 N. Broadway•773-244-0404

Yoshi’s Cafe yoshiscafe.com
3257 N. Halsted • 773-248-6160

737 N. Michigan • 312-642-5900
Chicago’s BARS/CLUBS  *open till 4am
M-Men, W-Women, C-Club, L-Leather, V-Video, E-Entertainment, B-Back room, S-Straight
3160 (M V)
3160 N Clark•773-327-5969 

(M W)
5355 N. Clark•773-784-1100

Anvil (M)
1137 W. Granville•773-973-0006

Baton Show Lounge (M W C)
436 N. Clark • 312-644-5269

Berlin*(M W C)
954 W. Belmont • 773-348-4975

Big Chicks (M W)
5024 N. Sheridan • 773-728-5511

Bijou Theatre (M E)
1349 N. Wells • 312-943-5397

Bobby Love's-Piano Bar
(M E)
3729 N. Halsted•773-525-1200

The Call
 (M V )
1547 W Bryn Mawr•773-334-2525

Cell Block (M L)
3702 N. Halsted•773-665-8064

Charlie's* (M W L C)
3726 N. Broadway•773-871-8887

Closet*(Women/Mixed) (M W)
3325 N. Broadway•773-477-8533

Crew Bar & Grill (M W E)
4804 N. Broadway•773-784-2739

Davenport's Piano Bar (M W S E)
1383 N. Milwaukee•773-278-1830

Downtown  (M V)
440 N State St•312-464-1400 

Glenwood (M E W)
6962 N Glenwood •773-764-7363

(M V)
3441 N. Halsted•773-348-9696

Hydrate (M W E C)
3458 N. Halsted•773-975-9244 

InnExhile  (W C M)
5758 W 65th•773-582-3510 

Jackhammer* (M E)
6406 N. Clark•773-743-5772

Jeffery Pub  (M E)
7041 S. Jeffery Blvd.

Little Jim's* (M)
3501 N. Halsted•773-871-6116

Lucky Horseshoe (Male Dancers) 
3169 N. Halsted•773-404-3169

Marty's - Martini Bar
1511 W. balmoral 

Mary's Attic (M B E V)
5400 N. Clark•773-784-6969

Manhandler* (M B)
1948 N. Halsted•773-871-3339

Mini Bar (M F G S)
3341 N. Halsted •773-871-MBAR

North End
(M V)
3733 N. Halsted•773-477-7999

Parlour on Clark  (W M V)
6341 N Clark•773-564-9274

Roscoe's (M W C V)
3354-56 N. Halsted•773-281-3355 

Scarlet (MV)
3320 N. Halsted•773-348-1053

(M W)
1829 W. Montrose•773-528-3253

Second Story Bar (M)
157 E. Ohio•312-923-9536

(M V)
3349 N. Halsted•312-477-9189

Sofo (M V)
4923 N. Clark•773-784-7636 

Spin (M W C) 

Spyners Pub - lesbian
4623 N Western•773-784-8719  

T's (M W food)
5025 N Clark•773-784-6000

(M L B)
6412 N. Clark•773-465-7400