Best known for his photography of female body builders, Bill Dobbins accumulated vast experience shooting pictures for magazines, newspapers, the human body, celebrities, fashion,  glamour shots, sports, automobile and motorcycle racing. Dobbins has a flourishing business in designing ads, and as a editorial photographer for a variety of national advertising agencies. Dobbins' photos have been published in many magazines all over the world. As an author he published  the well know book Arnold Schwarzenegger: The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, and  also worked as a video and art director. The talented photographer found himself working on many movies sets in Boulogne, France and in Los Angeles, California, where he works and lives now. Not able to speak French fluently Dobbins found himself writing music, and working as a singer in some Parisian nightclubs at the age of 17.  Dobbins big love for photography got him the respect and admiration among his colleagues in the filed of photography where he is known as the leading photographer of women bodybuilders and female muscle. 

The Land, Sea and Sky Collection by Bill Dobbins photography 

1.  Desert by Bill Dobbins©

2.  Mountains by Bill Dobbins© 

3.  Red Rocks by Bill Dobbins©

4.  Land #1 by Bill Dobbins©
5.  Land #2 by Bill Dobbins©

6.  Sunset by Bill Dobbins©
7.  Birds on the beach©

8.  Watching the sunset©
9.  The sand sun and sea by Bill Dobbins©

10.  At Dusk by Bill Dobbins©
11. Tree by Bill Dobbins©

The Land, Sea and Sky Collection Prices

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11" X 14"         $100.00 (each)          $400.00              $800.00
8" X10"               $75.00 (each)          $350.00              $600.00
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