Any wine lover who has taken a sip of their favorite white wine only to be greeted by the luke warm flavor of once-crisp Chardonnay knows how disappointing that experience can be. Cork Pops, a pioneer in the wine accessories market, has just unveiled the VinOice, which is designed to keep such disappointment at bay. The innovative stainless chill rod which also contains a drip-free pouring spout makes serving perfectly chilled wine faster, easier and more enjoyable. Attractively priced at $28 and perfect for chilling both red and white wine, the vinOice is sure to be on everyone’s must-have holiday gift list this season. 

According to the experts at A Taste of Wine website, “Serving wine at the right temperature can be more important to getting the most out of a wine than just about any other factor.” They go on to explain, “Serving wine that's too warm or too cold  
can make even the best wine taste bad while mediocre wines can really shine if you hit just the right temperature spot.” White wines, sparkling wines and champagne in particular should be served at lower temperatures.

Maintaining that just-out-of-the-fridge coolness, however, has traditionally required either immediate serving or wrestling with cumbersome and messy gel sleeves and ice buckets that keep having to be refilled. And under the blazing heat of summer, not to mention any well-heated comfy, cozy holiday atmosphere, all of this makes enjoying wine as it was meant to be savored all the more difficult.

The vinOice, the latest innovation from Cork Pops, was designed to overcome this obstacle. The concept behind vinOice is simple – a rod containing a food safe gel that freezes in 30 minutes is encased in stainless steel and comes with a sleek drip-free pour spout. The vinOice is simply chilled in the freezer until required and then inserted into the neck of the wine bottle. It then maintains the wine’s ideally chilled temperature for up to an hour, making it not only a holiday-party must-have but an item that transitions seamlessly into the warmer months. Best of all, it requires only 30 minutes of freezing time. So with a single vinOice, or better yet the handy three pack of vinOices on hand that can be used and reused, the optimally chilled wine keeps on flowing throughout the festivities.

Because it eliminates the need for an ice bucket, gel bottle sleeve, drip collar and non-drip pourer, the vinOice is billed as the fastest and easiest way to serve and pour chilled wine. As a result, it makes a practical, sure-to-be-used present for all the wine lovers on one’s holiday shopping list. And with a recent Harris Poll revealing that 62 percent of Americans buy and drink wine, those who will appreciate a vinOice under the Christmas tree comprise a majority of recipients. 

The vinOice is available for purchase throughout North America at major beverage retailers, grocery stores and gift boutiques. It retails for $28 or at at



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