Let us stand up against the Russian government and force them to evoke the new laws directed at  the LGBT community and human rights! Together we can make he difference.

Just as Art Johnston did,  the owner of the famous Sidetrack Bar in Chicago by taking off the shelves all the Stoli bottles, in protess and support to our brothers and sister in Russia.  

We should follow Art in the fight against the Russian government and their unforgiven decision against innocent people who just trying to be themselves––be open and proud gays or lesbians. We should continue to help and fight for those Russian members of our community and for all others who denied the right to choose be openly gay.. 

Show your support to the Russian gay community and stop buying any Russian Vodka.  There are so many other alternatives to Russian vodka. Here are few to mention Crystal Head Vodka, FAIR Vodka, Lvanabitch Vodka, Halsted Vodka, and of course a long supporter of our community Absolut, Smirrnoff and our own Skyy the American vodka.

Signed by the Russian President Vladimir Putin the new law will penalize any individuals or groups found to be publicly supportive of LGBT equality. Press reports have indicated that punishable offenses would include public acknowledgment of one’s orientation, displays of affection between same-sex partners, statements in support of LGBT rights, and the use of symbols such as rainbows that are attributed to the LGBT community. Foreign nationals found to be in violation of the law could be arrested and detained for up to 15 days.

The newly signed law is the most recent and most extreme codification of Russia’s maltreatment of its LGBT citizens, it is also part of larger trend of anti-LGBT actions in Russia. In the last month, the Russian government also enacted a law banning foreign same-sex couples and single people from nations that have marriage equality from adopting Russian children. Hate crimes and violent attacks against the LGBT community have been reported, including the murders of two gay men earlier this year. In 2012, Moscow instituted a hundred-year ban on LGBT pride parades, a ban that was deemed illegal by the European Court of Human Rights, but which nevertheless resulted in the arrest and detention of seventeen LGBT activists for displaying rainbow flags. Russia’s record of anti-LGBT legislation and persecution pose serious concerns for the safety of LGBT Sochi Olympic participants and spectators.

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