The LGBTQ 2013 Reeling Film Festival is the one of the world’s longest running film festivals in our community. 
Chicago is the home Reeling and to the third largest LGBTQ community in the country. Reeling, the film festival is a major cultural event that significantly make an impact on our community by communicating many LGBTQ stories, impacting the lives of many individuals and inspire all of us to make changes on personal and global level. 
Reeling represents the power of LGBTQ films by helping us to understand and accept  our lives in an undeniable way. Reeling makes us laugh, fills us with joy, motivates us to action, and angers us about the struggles we face, not just here at home and everywhere. Selections from Reeling celebrate our LGBTQ culture, document our struggles for our rights to marry those we love, and teach us about our brothers and sisters in countries such as Russia and Uganda who are suffering from homophobia in a horrifying way. Films such as Out in India: A Families Journey (India 2008), The World Unseen (South Africa, 2008), Through the Window (Israel, 2011) and No Homos in Iran (Iran, 2006) have offered us an intimate glimpses into their world, that many of us in the US rarely see. No other LGBTQ event in Chicago promises to bring such compelling and often shocking realities into sharp focus, while at the same time entertaining audiences with hilarious and heartfelt insights of the LGBTQ lifestyle. 
Reeling is funded through ticket sales, grants, corporate sponsorships, and individual donations. These donations publicly recognize and celebrate the important artistic contributions that LGBTQ filmmakers have made to this multi-faceted community. 
With your help, we can counter the dangerous and damaging stereotyping prevalent in mainstream media with valid, meaningful, and diverse portrayals of our members of the LGBTQ community all over the world. This can only further advance the fight for equality and recognition here at home and globally, as some of our  followers have resoundingly noted:
  • "The Films at Reeling offered me a slice of life, and have given me access into another community. They opened me a gateway into understanding my lesbian friend who lives in Dubai and why she chooses to remain out and in danger." by supporter Maria G. Reeling Attendee, 2011.
  • "Although I am not part of the LGBT community myself, thanks to a visit to the Festival, this year, I at least understand, on some level, what drives them in their fight for equality."  by supporter Jack S. Reeling Attendee, 2010.
  • "I thought I was alone. I didn’t even know that there were other transgendered people who could help me. Then I was invited to see ‘Tomboy” at Reeling. There were lots of other trans people there, and suddenly I realized I was part of a community. I can’t tell you how much that has done for me and my own journey to being a whole person is almost complete. Thank you! " by supporter Josh F. Reeling Attendee, 2011.

Become A Reeling Supporter.  Your role in supporting local and national filmmakers will help them finding distributors for their work during today's economical troubled time. You can help these members of the LGBT community who have found inspiration, hope and a connection through the stories shown at Reeling.
Become A Reeling Producers Circle Member by donating $1,000 or more. In return Reeling will offer individuals and business owners many opportunities for recognition and exposure. Reeling will introduce you to many filmmakers and movie stars during the duration of the festival.  
To become a Reeling Supporter or a member of the Producers Circle, and for any other questions about this year’s festival contact Reeling’s managing director, Gretchen Blickensderfer by email: or call (773) 293-1447.

 The Launch party will held at Sidetarck on  Wednesday, September 25, 2013, 6pm-10pm
VIP PARTY by invitation only from 6-7pm
General public at $10 per ticket from 7-10pm.

The Reeling Chicago LGBT International Film Festival • c/o Chicago Filmmakers • 5243 North Clark Street • Chicago, Il 60642