Pictured above: Chicago House CEO Reverend Stan Sloan reflects on the agency’s 25 years in service; former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright joins CH at their annual Speaker Series, December 2010.

Posted on November 12, 2010
Source: Chicago House press release

Chicago, IL – This year Chicago House commemorates 25 years of care to Chicagoans with HIV and AIDS. In 1985, a courageous group of community volunteers formed Chicago House, the first organization in the Midwest to provide housing for people with HIV and AIDS. This year, we celebrate the accomplishments of this extraordinary organization which has guided more than 1,200 people to wholeness and self-sufficiency each year.

Over the past 25 years, Chicago House has come to be the leader in housing and supportive services for people affected by HIV and AIDS. But as the realities of these diseases change, one remains the same: Chicago House was there at the beginning, and will be here until the cure.

“Recently someone offered their congratulations for our 25 years of excellence in service and wished us well for our next 25 years,” says Reverend Stan J Sloan, CEO of Chicago House. “I remember having a visceral reaction, ‘God forbid that we don’t have a cure for HIV/AIDS by 2035!’ That’s when it hit me – back in 1985, our founders must have surely felt the same way about the year 2010.” Sloan adds, “as we mark this important year in our history, we remain so grateful for the founders, donors and clients who have guided the agency thus far, and we promise, with the support of our friends, to maintain our services and mission until there is a cure.”

Annually Chicago House hosts four different signature events: Speaker Series Luncheon (12/9), Champagne Wrapture (1/27), Brunch & Fashion Show (5/1) and Birdhouse Art Auction (6/23), as well as over 25 different cooperative community event fundraisers which comprise almost 20% of the agency’s annual operating budget.

“We are so excited to have former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright as our 25th Anniversary Guest for our annual Speaker Series in December,” says Sloan.  “Albright continues to be a prophetic voice in discussing the role of America in the world and the implications of that role on our citizens and domestic policy.  HIV/AIDS and homelessness are the major issues addressed by Chicago House, and to have Madeleine Albright with us to help explore the economic implications of our country’s policies both domestically and abroad will be perfect in these difficult economic times, and the perfect platform to discuss the state of HIV and AIDS 25 years after our founding.”

Chicago House provides permanent, community-based housing, supportive services, and prevention outreach to individuals and families struggling with HIV and AIDS. All Chicago House services are provided without discrimination and are designed to guide people towards wholeness and self-sufficiency.  As the first HIV and AIDS housing provider in the Midwest , Chicago House has continuously evolved its services to meet the changing needs of those who are living with these diseases. Many come to us with the added burdens of poverty, homelessness, few if any job skills, substance abuse and mental illness. Through its housing, prevention and medication adherence programs, plus case management and employment programs, Chicago House enables them to return to a life of dignity and hope.

For tickets to the 2010 Speaker Series, contact Junnie Cross at 773.248.5200 (ext. 303) or visit www.chicagohouse.org