by David Cohen

Who would have though that we would ever see the day when a Kia would be priced at over $34,000? 
Kia has released the pricing details on the new Kia Optima SX with a Limited Package and if you’re interested get ready to fork out a starting price of $34,500. Of course, there aren’t many options since the Optima SXL comes totally fully-loaded with all the bells and whistles – but when you do add the $775 destination fee, you’re looking at a total of $35,275. “With the arrival of the Optima SXL, the Kia brand propels itself into a more premium class, which is something consumers have told us they want to see when they walk into our showrooms,” said Tom Loveless, Kia Motors America executive vice president, in a recent statement. The Limited version uses the same 2.0-liter turbocharged engine to offer 274 hp and 269 lb-ft of torque. This price includes 18-inch chrome wheels, red brake calipers, and LED lighting. The Cabin is luxurious, and by adding wood grain accents, high-grade Nappa leather and an electronic parking brake the Kia is ready to compete with the top luxury models such as BMW 328i and the Mercedes C250 and others. The future will show if the Kia Optima SX Limited will conquor a spot among the industry luxuriy top guns, but I will not be surprised if it will. 


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