by David Cohen

There is only one word that can describe the new Cadillac XTS sedan––luxury.

The Cadillac XTS vehicle uses two of the brand’s DNA, being big and leading technology. With complete entertainment and information system, the XTS is the first to receive the Cadillac User Experience (CUE) two uniquely advanced entities, a like tele-matics system with iPad like controls.

The dash board is completely digital and very impressive. You can watch the little tachometer hum up and down as the car’s engine idle adjusts.  The control button in the center is very simple but elegant, and the speedometer, analog-style needle, and the navigation screen can be changed from a performance focused to a complete digital style in seconds.  

This high tech design of the dash board  gives you the illusion of driving a futuristic car. The screen that can sits still for 20 seconds while the surrounding controls and icons fade away, can reappear so fast when you move your hand towards it.

Roomy enough for any tall person, the XTS won’t be as comfortable for three people sitting in the back.  With higher grade leather coating every possible surface and all seats,  Alcantara headliner, soft brushed aluminum mixed with beautiful wood and heated back seats, the Cadillac XTS has the best car interior I have seen in any Cadillac models in decades.

The safety Driver Awareness Package includes a vibrating driver seat, rear cross traffic and forward collision alerts, lane departure and blind spot warning systems, and three distance settings in the collision alert make the Cadillac XTS to be safer than ever before.

With great standard Brembo brakes, fast reacting dampers, magnetic ride shock absorbers, and light steering, the XTS performs as one might expected and far more capable machine than most will ever need.    
But there is one area where the XTS fails to impress, it’s the power-train. Motivated by the same 3.6-liter V6 engine and with 304 hp and 264 torque, the XTS is good, but not great. The V6 power-train and front-drive configuration appear to be the only compromises made in offering a full-sized luxury sedan at a mid-size price of $55,810.

Overall, there is no rival car that can match the extensive technology or luxury the XTS model has to offer. The Cadillac XTS is in a league of its own.



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