After 34 years of production Mercedes-Benz has restyled the legendary G-Class once again securing the 2013 G550 status in a class of it’s own. 

Defined by it’s military, boxy, brawny, tough, capable, and good looks, the G-Class has been the off-roader since it was first introduced in 1979. Known for its practicality as the G-wagon, the 2013 G550 is all about luxury, and it is the most expensive SUV on the market today. If you got the dough, this may be your best bet.

The new G-Class got many significant updates from the inside out; a new gauge cluster that includes a vivid TFT color display between two round dials, a tablet-style display for the standard Command system which dominates the center console, merging navigation, entertainment, connectivity functions, a safety Blind Spot Assist, Distronic adaptive cruise control, and a parking aid feature called Parktronic, all included as standard features. 

The external modifications include LED daytime running lights and new exterior mirrors. The AMG version features a new AMG radiator griller with double louvers, and a distinctive new bumper with large air intakes. There is an optional add-on of red brake calipers and 20-inch wheels that has never before been offered before.

The G550 comes with 382-hp, 391 ft lbs of torque, 5.5-liter V-8 and seven-speed automatic. The 2013 G550 gives up none of its all-conquering off-road capability. Retaining a full complement of off-road gear including locking differentials, low-range transfer case, and a revised stability control that enables the G550 to enhance a trailer stability and functionality.

If money is not an issue, than the 2013 G550 can be yours for only $118,155.00. For more information visit
by David Cohen

The BMW M5 Sedan is the answer to the high demands for driving dynamics, agility and precision. This vehicle combines high-performance and aerodynamic design. Every detail in this car is athletic and stylish while integrating the flowing silhouette into a sedan.

Showing off its tapered front lets where air simply glide past, the M5’s high-performance transmission and compound disc brakes are cooled via the air inlets. The exposed wheel arches  forged M light-alloy wheels. The curved M exterior mirrors deflect the wind, while the M rear spoiler and diffuser provide a powerful backdrop for the final sporty touch added by the twin tailpipes.

With a feeling of a sport car, the interiors of the M5 is elegant, spacious and comfortable. Everything on the dash board is placed exactly where the driver needs it to be, with a perfect driver‘s seat fit allowing the driver to experience an enjoyable high-speeddrive.  

The M Drive system allows the driver to adjust six parameters: engine management and throttle response, Servationic steering assistance, M DCT with Drive-logic mode, DSC mode, shock absorber firmness, and M Head-Up Display mode.

The Turbo V8 engine in the BMW M5 Sedan provides peak performance with excellent efficiency and can’t be ignored. While the boost in efficiency is possible thanks in part to the Valvetronic throttle-less intake technology, High Precision Injection, and twin-scroll turbocharging technologies. Overall, all the new features in the M5 are about 30% better than its predecessor. 

Localized stiffening of the front of the car optimizes stability and increases the precision of steering responses. Combined with the M TwinPower Turbo V8 engine, it creates an automobile that sets new standards for dynamic driving.

I loved the Auto Start-Stop function which turns off the engine when the BMW M5 Sedan is not moving. The intelligent electronics system does everything for you. It calculate and checking the battery’s charge level, and releasing it as needed. The engine will start in a second if u touch the brake or pushing in the clutch pedal.

Overall, The BMW M5 Sedan is unique and should make any driver’s experience an exhilarating one. While others appreciate passion, BMW inspires it, every time the driver gets behind the wheel, and as BMW claims,  they do make one of the ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE around, and at a high price tag price of $107,995 they should!