Most men are pretty basic when it comes to their grooming routine. While there's no harm in speedy grooming, your basic routine can always use an upgrade. Whish, a luxury all-natural and organic skincare line specializing in body products was created with women in mind but inspired by the simplicity and efficacy of men's grooming essentials. 

Whish offers the following grooming necessities:

Three Whishes Body Wash – This paraben and sulfate-free multipurpose body wash cleanses and moisturizes, while also working as a gentle facial cleanser and shampoo! $18.00

Prelude - Makes for a better, closer shave each time while reducing the amount of ingrown hairs caused by dirt or impurities. Numbs, cleanses and reduces skin inflammation with natural combination of clove leaf oil, menthol, witch hazel, and organic aloe. $20.00

Shave Crave – This thick textured and moisturizer shaving cream helps to lift hairs for a closer shave, while also protecting from nicks, cuts and razor burn. $20.00

Flawless – Ideal for treating sensitive skin post shaving, flawless soothes and smoothes, fights bumps, inflammation, and prevents ingrown hairs from reoccurring. $22.50

Shave Savour – Quickly hydrates and replenishes skin after shaving or sun exposure, and is clinically proven to reduce hair growth by 26% after just 2 days of use.  $26.00