Since blazing onto the scene, television’s hit show, Mad Men, has become a showcase for popular mid-century culture and has successfully tapped into our fascination with the fashions, appliances, furniture and cars of the era.  The mid-1960’s were also a time of great pop art, and this season works of art can be found adorning the walls of the swanky offices of the fictional advertising agency known as Sterling Cooper Draper on the hit AMC show, Mad Men.  

To capture the artful spirit of the show in 2012, Martin Lawrence Galleries in Las Vegas, features Andy Warhol’s most impressive and sought after work, which includes a full suite of Marilyns.  The 26,000 square foot gallery at The Forum Shops at Caesars is home to a collection of the most impressive and distinctive Warhol Suites to ever be assembled in a single location. Warhol aficionados will find an unprecedented collection of his iconic work, including Warhol’s Marilyns, Maos, Jaggers, Cowboys and Indians, Electric Chairs, Flowers, and Ads.

If watching the show each Sunday night isn’t enough, and you feel the need to tap into the zeitgeist of the 1960’s, the full Marilyn suite is now on display only at the Las Vegas Martin Lawrence Galleries.