by David cohen

Nufoot are a new type of footwear and they should be great for home, travel and at work. The company claims that they are good  virtually for any indoor and  outdoor settings where a rugged shoe is not necessary.

Nufoot is made from sturdy neoprene and they are ergonomic in design and have anti-skid soles. They are water-proof, and they look comfortable and  stretchy , but I didn't find it to be true. It was tight, and after wearing them for a 30 minutes, I had to take them off my feet , because my feet were hurting. Maybe my feet are just way too big…   My shoe size is 9.5-10. Maybe they could be comfortable footwear if they fit your feet, and they should  allow people to simultaneously enjoy the stability of walking barefoot, For me, wearing just socks is way more comfortable, Am I wrong?…  I guess you will have to find out for yourself.  They comes in multiple sizes, colors, and they are unisex  Available for $9.99/pair at