by David Cohen

B-Skinz Introduces Meggings for Spring 2013
Leggings for men are already a hit among celebs across the globe

Men wearing leggings?  Think again. Remember Robin Hood and his merry men? Yes, there wore leggings,, and they made a fashion statement long time ago. This spring, B-Skinz is introducing an exciting and colorful line of form-fitting meggings, perfect for the fashion-forward guy— aka leggings for males.  And guess who is wearing them? Yes, Justin Bieber, Russell Brand and Lenny Kravitz are male celebrities who have embraced this hot fashion trend. 

And it's more than just fashion, Men's anatomy demands more support and ventilation, and wearing the proper outfit is essential , especially  for sports activities. You are in need of durable and comfortable attire, and meggings are the perfect answer to all your "needs." They just hug your skin so it keeps everything in its right place. They also  keep away moisture from getting damp and they are free from any discomfort caused by sweating.

The new B-Skinz meggings are made with the company’s signature spandex blend that is form-fitting while still comfortable and breathable. The line will be available in several colors, including black, navy, red and gray, as well as bold feline, leopard, zebra and psychedelic jungle patterns. With sizes ranging from small to extra-large and priced at only $29.99 per pair, the new meggings from B-Skinz will appeal to every man who’s expressive and outgoing.

“Our meggings are fashionable, bold and hip — and they are perfect for any man who wants to make a statement with his style,” said B-Skinz co-founder Carolyn Sammarro. “They can be dressed up for a night on the town or walking through Central Park in NYC, and are comfortable enough to wear to the gym.”

So what does the fashion world think of the meggings trend? According to several fashion experts, it’s a trend that’s expected to continue to grow as men become more daring with what they wear. And, this spring, men can turn to B-Skinz to flaunt their own personal style.

B-Skinz' Carolyn Sammarro and Stacy Sorrentino were two stay-at-home moms from northern New Jersey who together grew their fast-expanding line of comfortable, flattering, and crazy-colorful Nylon Spandex fashion wear and spandex sports apparel styles for men, girls, boys and women. Sold online at and at select sporting goods stores throughout the east coast.

To view the B-Skinz Meggings, click here:

by David cohen

Nufoot are a new type of footwear and they should be great for home, travel and at work. The company claims that they are good  virtually for any indoor and  outdoor settings where a rugged shoe is not necessary.

Nufoot is made from sturdy neoprene and they are ergonomic in design and have anti-skid soles. They are water-proof, and they look comfortable and  stretchy , but I didn't find it to be true. It was tight, and after wearing them for a 30 minutes, I had to take them off my feet , because my feet were hurting. Maybe my feet are just way too big…   My shoe size is 9.5-10. Maybe they could be comfortable footwear if they fit your feet, and they should  allow people to simultaneously enjoy the stability of walking barefoot, For me, wearing just socks is way more comfortable, Am I wrong?…  I guess you will have to find out for yourself.  They comes in multiple sizes, colors, and they are unisex  Available for $9.99/pair at
“L.A. FROCK STARS,” a new 6-part TV series launching tomorrow night (Thursday, March 7) at 8:00 pm ET/PT on Smithsonian Channel in its weekly time slot, focuses on the engaging and vastly knowledgeable Hollywood vintage expert extraordinaire Doris Raymond and her boutique, THE WAY WE WORE. For her, vintage is an addiction that she's turned from a hobby into a thriving business. As she says, "I invest in the frock market, instead of the stock market."

“LA FROCK STARS” offers an eye-popping window into 20th century fashion: with racks of clothes that embody the essence of every decade in the past century. Featuring in-store coverage as well as Doris’ treks across the country for more vintage, the series captures top stylists and celebs who visit The Way We Wore in the quest for the perfect dress, as well as the must-see pursuit of the ultimate vintage items.

L.A. FROCK STARS: VINTAGE IS THE NEW BLACK – Premieres Thursday, March 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT  - Vintage is the new black in Hollywood during the 2012 Award Season, and Doris Raymond and her team of vintage fashion specialists stock up for the anticipated demand on their unique high fashion boutique. Burlesque artist Dita von Teese, a strong devotee of vintage couture, stops by the store to try out a number of stunning dresses and explains her fascination with vintage couture. Also, costume designer Lou Eyrich comes in to The Way We Wore to buy some threads for an upcoming episode of the series, Glee

L.A. FROCK STARS: AWARDS SEASON – Premieres Thursday, March 14 at 8 p.m. ET/PT - The Way We Wore® is inundated with celebrities and their stylists seeking unique and glamorous dresses to wear on the red carpet. Doris’s exquisite selection of vintage clothing is well known by Hollywood’s glitterati, but Doris faces fierce competition from the world’s top designers to dress the stars during awards season. The store helps out a desperate stylist for an up and coming star whose gowns from Italy have been stuck in customs, while Linda Ramone, wife of the late Johnny Ramone, looks for the perfect dress for the Grammy Awards. Doris’s ‘80s-mad in-store stylist Jacsmeen Bush helps the girlfriend of an Oscar nominated filmmaker choose a dress for the ceremony, while Doris scrambles to accommodate last minute requests from the stylists for two of the music industry’s biggest names. 

L.A. FROCK STARS: QUEST FOR THE HOLY GRAIL – Premieres Thursday, March 21 at 8 p.m. ET/PT – To find the Holy Grail, the ultimate vintage piece, Doris and store manager Sarah Bergman travel to Texas, the home of incredible vintage treasure troves. They visit Vintage Martini where many red carpet dresses can be found and then the Antique Elegance Show, where the theme is 1940s big band era. Their big score is found in a back room at the show where they uncover an original Christian Dior jacket from the late ‘40s designed by the man himself. A valuable and rare item, the dealer found it rolled up in the bottom of a closet. The piece, which would inspire any major designer could retail for $10,000, a true Holy Grail of vintage fashion.

L.A. FROCK STARS: IF THIS DRESS COULD TALK – Premieres Thursday, March 28 at 8 p.m. ET/PT – Sharon Stanley, a vocalist with The Glenn Miller Orchestra, stops by The Way We Wore® to sell some of her vintage designer gowns. Sharon has worn these gowns on stage, and she shares some of these memories with Doris. In-store stylist Kyle Blackmon helps up-and-coming singer/songwriter Alexandra Starlight find the perfect glittering costume for her upcoming performance at South By Southwest (SXSW). Doris and store manager Sarah Bergman go to an estate sale, where they uncover some unusual garments including a daring ‘60s mini wedding dress. 

L.A. FROCK STARS: THE BUSINESS OF VINTAGE – Premieres Thursday, April 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT - Stylist and editor and chief of the influential Jason Campbell arrives in the store with Shauna Mei founder and CEO of the online shopping destination, looking for a party dress for Shauna. Doris wows them with pieces from Versace, Fabrice and Oleg Cassini. Gregory Westbrook and Nick Fouquet, co-founders of the super tendy Westbrook Hats, arrive in the store looking for inspiration for their next collection. Jascmeen pulls out a selection of hats so Doris can show different types of hat making techniques. Sharing knowledge about the history of fashion is a big driver for Doris. Shelly Lyn, who has an excellent eye for ‘50s vintage, pulls a selection of dresses for actress Debi Mazar (Entourage, Dancing With The Stars) who finds the perfect sassy number to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary.

L.A. FROCK STARS: VINTAGE FASHION HUNTER – Premieres Thursday, April 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT - Jen Rade, considered one of the great stylists in Los Angeles, is in the store looking for something in black velvet for a client.  To feed the many designers and stylists who flock to her vintage design store, Doris has honed her vintage fashion hunting skill and a key destination every year is New York City’s Augusta Auction - one of the few U.S. auction houses that specializes in vintage clothing, rare textiles and costume jewelry. Doris also has a show room in New York and it’s time to show her sales assistant Kyle, whose dream is to make it big as a stylist in New York, her own little East Coast Empire.

NHNZ co-produced L.A. FROCK STARS with Smithsonian Channel and BBC Worldwide. NHNZ Executive Producer is Judith Curran. Executive Producers for Smithsonian Channel are David Royle and Charles Poe.

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