by David Cohen

You can’t mention  the word modernnism or contemporary design without mentioning the talented designer James Magni, known for his clean lines, simplicity, sophistication and elegance. Magni is gifted with the ability to fill  any interior space with luxurious, contemporary furniture accentuated by unique fabric, art and sculpture to produce a  harmonious ecology of color, texture and light. 

His understanding of the design process set’s him apart from the masses. Before embarking on his design process, it is important for him to spend as much time with his clients as possible. His eagerness to delve into their daily routine, hobbies, vacations and culinary interests enables him, and his exceptional team, to deliver the best client-driven design. This is his genious, and why Magni is one of the top ten designers in the industry today.   

To Magni, furniture is sclupture that people happen to use on a daily basis.  Nothing stops him from designing custom funiture, because he truly understands what designing is all about and “nothing is out of reach.”

After 25 years of mastering his craft of art and design, James Magni  the perfectionist, the dedicated designer, continues to inspire all of us by shaping his designs as objects of life.