On Wednesday, January 30, 2013 All Out delivered more than 200,000 All Out petition signatures to members of parliament ahead of a vote for a bill that would allow gays and lesbians to marry in France.

“More than 200,000 French All Out members have signed a petition urging their MPs to vote for a bill that would give gays and lesbians the right to marry,” said Andre Banks, Executive Director and Co-founder of All Out. “All Out members understand there is nothing comparable to marriage. If loving gay and lesbian couples want to show their commitment to one another, they should be able to marry no matter where they live in the world.”

“The outpouring for support for marriage for gays and lesbians has been incredible,” said Andre said. “I am optimistic MPs will see what I have seen. This has been All Out’s fastest growing petition in France ever, proving French people are more than ready to see their gay and lesbian friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues, should have the right to celebrate their love and commitment to one another through marriage.”  

If this bill is passed, France will become the twelve country to allow gays and lesbians to marry nationwide, adding to the growing global movement towards full relationship recognition for gays and lesbians.

“Every country that passes marriage for gays and lesbians has an impact on the global movement towards equality,” said Brian Ellner, a leading U.S. marriage advocate who is advising All Out on the French marriage campaign. “The significance of France making a move towards equality should not be underestimated. Given France’s influence around the world, a marriage equality win there will have far reaching effects worldwide.”

“Equality for gays and lesbians world wide is the inevitable,” Andre Banks said, “We won’t stop until equality is everywhere.”

On Sunday, more than 100,000 people demonstrated in support of marriage for gays and lesbians in Paris.

The French Institute of Public Opinion released their latest poll on Saturday. More than 63 percent of French citizens support marriage for gays and lesbians.

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