Is the new G2 machinery technology is a water conservation source?

Valencia, Spain: With more than one hundred and fifty G2 machines manufactured by the Spanish company Jeanologia, who specializes in garment finishing, we are saving the equivalent consumption of water of what 75,000 people using per day. Before the year 2015 will arrive, the new technology will save water equal to what 10,000,000 people use every day. These machines are saving 15,000,000 liters of water daily. These numbers were calculated based on an average consumption of 200 liters per person daily said Enrique Silla who own Jeanologia.

Bern Kolb, CEO of the prestigious Think Thank Club de Marrakesh has stated that in year 2030 the demand of water for human consumption will be 40% more than that of today. This constitutes an enormous challenge for industry, especially the textile industry.

Conscious of the environment, Jeanologia has developed and launching another new technology called E-Soft. This technology transforms the air in the atmosphere into nano-bubbles which allows 98% water saving, along with a reduction of 79% in energy and 80% chemical products. E-Soft cause the garment to soften without using any water or chemical. This new process, ends up saving energy too.

Mr. Silla stated “our company has been able to pass on our ethical and ecological value to important labels that are now using our technology on their garments.” Many Companies including Levi´s are using this new technology on their “waterless” jeans, the chain store Jack & Jones have used it for their “Low Impact Denim”, and Pepe Jeans of London used it to launch their free water line “True Blue.” The Italian label Replay uses Jeanologia's ozon and laser technology and the multinational Hindu Klran have launched their “Saving Water” collection using the G2 machinery. Famous French designers Marithe and François Girbaud initiated their own personal crusade against the use of water for their collections in 2000,
Jeanologia counts not only on its e-Soft technology, in 2009 it launched its highly successful ecofriendly washing machine G2, which uses oxygen + ozone to “fade” jeans and sport garments, which processes textiles without water or chemicals.

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