by David Cohen

The ShaveTech USB-powered shaver can be connected to any laptop or computer. This razor is certainly small, lightweight, sleek and very powerfully razor that does a good job  when it comes to shaving your face. The ShaveTech razor does not have a trimmer, so if you have a beard or mustache this razor is not for you.

You get about 30 minutes of shaves out of the built in battery, and it is good for six times of 5-10 minutes shaving. As is suggested by the manufacture, if you want to keep the battery in good condition and you want it to last you longer, then you should recharge the razor only when the battery is totally out. Recharges will take about four hours. To make sure the razor is always full it will be good idea to recharge your battery at night after you let the battery run out. This way you will never have a problem of not completing a shave.

Overall, the ShaveTech does a good job, and it is a great choice for any male traveler for business or for pleasure.  No wonder why the ShaveTech is the most popular razor of it’s kind on the market. 
The ShaveTech travel razor is available online and in select stores, and it comes in black or white colors.Retail cost $39.99.