“cooking is an expression of  your personality and artistic ability”

by David Cohen

Beautiful design, superior performance, and graceful sophistication are the hallmarks of the Savora line home products.
The provocative and exuberant approach  is evident in each product Savora creates. The name connotes the romance of the food culture and the emotional connection to cooking and preparations.
The Savora Line represents quality in functionality and progressive design specifically created for consumers who enjoy cooking. 

The Savora products include six items:  can opener,rotary grater, garlic press, ice cream scooper, a peeler and oil mister. Each item elevates your food preparation experience to a new level. This bold collection expresses a high functionality of artistic design.

The Savora designers tailored each tool to perfectly fit the human hand.  The results are are works of art which combine superlative function with clean lines and graceful design making you feel that each product was designed just for you.

The Savora products design and the performance promise the best and most unique culinary experiences of food preparation and cooking complementing your love to food. The design and the performance promise the best and most unique culinary experiences of food preparation and cooking. Available in vibrant colors with a contemporary look, these products will make you wonder if you want to leave them out in the kitchen.

Prices range from $9.99 to $ 29.99 and all the products are available for purchase online at http://www.savorastyle.com.