Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Clarence Thomas, and Stephen Colbert top list released Wednesday by Marijuana Policy Project

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A list of the “Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Users” in the United States was released Wednesday by the nation’s largest marijuana policy organization.

The Marijuana Policy Project’s annual list is topped by President Barack Obama, media mogul Oprah Winfrey, former President Bill Clinton, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and television show host Stephen Colbert. They are followed by television show host Jon Stewart, entertainer and entrepreneur Jay-Z, Secretary of State John Kerry, business magnate George Soros, and comedian Bill Maher.

The entire list is available below and online at

“The goal here is to dispel the myth that marijuana users are ‘losers’ who lack motivation and highlight the fact that they are typically productive and oftentimes quite successful,” said Mason Tvert, director of communications for the Marijuana Policy Project. “As this list demonstrates, many of our nation’s most successful citizens have used marijuana.”

The list is composed of Americans who have used marijuana at least once during their lifetimes, including some who speak openly about their current marijuana use. They were selected based on their “power to influence cultural and social attitudes, political clout, individual wealth, and … media profile,” which is the criteria used by Out Magazine to select its “Power 50” list of LGBT Americans. The list includes known supporters and opponents of marijuana policy reform.

“We hope this list gets people thinking about the fact that marijuana prohibition laws cause more harm than the substance itself,” Tvert said. “Some of these folks might not have made it to where they are today had they been arrested for using marijuana.”

The Marijuana Policy Project, the nation’s largest marijuana policy organization, has been responsible for changing most state-level marijuana laws since 2000. For more information, visit

Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Users
1.     Barack Obama

2.     Oprah Winfrey

3.     Bill Clinton

4.     Clarence Thomas

5.     Stephen Colbert

6.     Jon Stewart

7.     Jay-Z

8.     John Kerry

9.     George Soros

10.  Bill Maher

11.  Bill Gates

12.  George W. Bush

13.  Andrew Cuomo

14.  Rand Paul

15.  Sanjay Gupta

16.  LeBron James

17.  Rush Limbaugh

18.  George Clooney

19.  Michael Bloomberg

20.  Lady Gaga
21.  Brad Pitt

22.  Ted Turner

23.  Tom Brokaw

24.  Michael Phelps

25.  Jennifer Aniston

26.  David Letterman

27.  Morgan Freeman

28.  Angelina Jolie

29.  Martha Stewart

30.  Seth MacFarlane
31.  John Hickenlooper

32.  Andrew Sullivan

33.  Susan Sarandon

34.  Conan O'Brien

35.  Matt Damon

36.  Lincoln Chafee

37.  Maya Angelou

38.  Justin Bieber

39.  Sarah Palin

40.  Phil Jackson
41.  Johnny Depp

42.  Madonna

43.  Robert Downey, Jr.

44.  Bryan Cranston

45.  Miley Cyrus

46.  Hugh Hefner

47.  Rihanna

48.  Oliver Stone

49.  Rick Steves

50.  Snoop Lion


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