How to list your property information.

1. FREE By Owner OnlyYour listing will include one photo as a jpeg file, and 3 lines of  property description (about 35 words). Last line will include the seller information (full name, telephone or cell number, and an e-mail) and property address with city and state. To see a sample ad  click here.

2. With a purchase of a year ad contract in PINK/PINK PAGES, the advertiser gets up to four FREE different property listings per year. As a courtesy of PINK/PINK PAGES, this program is designed to help our Real Estate advertisers and get them the exposure they deserve.  For all inquiries about rates and specials, contact David Cohen owner of PINK at 773-765-4712.

3. You can purchase an online listing for 3 months for $300, or for one month at $150.  The artwork fee to layout your ad/post will be $75 per hour. The post will include up to 8 photos, property description, and information to include address, city, state, etc. Realtor's information should include company logo, agent's photo, and contact information such as telephone, cell, and email. Look at other listing to see an example. 

Please note: PINK/PINK PAGES reserves the right to edit and reject any advertisement submitted. PINK/PINK PAGES and its accessors and owners will not be liable or responsible for any claims made by any advertiser/s, or any 3rd person/s connected to advertiser, for any of the content including typographical errors.