by Jeff Dorta
photos courtesy of Kristine W.

Billboard Magazine’s “Artist of the Decade” Kristine W returns to the dance floor with New & Number Ones Remixes Part 1. Featuring eleven of her most legendary tracks such as Land of the Living, One More Try and Feel and What You Want,  this remixed includes some of clubland’s most explosive DJs like Subgroover, DJ Howard, Bimbo Jones, Bitrocka, Tod Minor and Digital Dog. this new  Remixes  celebrates the record setting streak  of Billboard #1s which made her an Kristine W an international dance floor superstar diva icon.

“This is the record my fans have been begging me to make” said Kristine at this morning’s announcement of the new album.  “It took a lot of sweat, tears and money to put all these club gems together, but man, from the positive buzz we’ve received online, it was all well worth it.”

Many of the songs on New & Number Ones Remixes Part 1 are already dance floor approved; having been rigorously tested in front of live audiences at Kristine’s club performances. “It was cool to test the songs on fans and watch the way they caught on and spread the energy like wild fire,” she says.  

According to online trend reports, Subgroover’s remix of Land of the Living is a particular standout on the album. Club fans love how the Dutch producer latched on to the phrase ‘glad to be alive’.  “I began performing Subgroover’s remix of Land of the Living at different Pride events and AIDS fundraisers, and it struck me just how relevant the song’s theme is to the gay-positive community,” says Kristine. “These men and women, living with HIV and AIDS, are not only surviving today, they are thriving. Land of the Living has become something of an anthem, celebrating endurance and strength.” 

“I’m also fascinated by the many ways people are connecting with Everything That I Got,” continues Kristine. Based on her own life’s story, as an independent artist navigating through a challenging music business, Everything That I Got has proven to touch people on many levels. “The song is about persevering and not giving up.  It really sums up how people are feeling today in this down economy.” 

The original version appears on Kristine’s pop-oriented album, New & Number Ones, released late last year.  On the new album, UK remixer Bimbo Jones take the track into the peak hours with a high-energy production that encourages revelers to shower in pride with a “hey, yeah!”.  

“The Bimbo Jones remix encapsulates the mood I’m trying to bring to the forefront these days,” says Kristine.  “Ultimately, my hope is that my music helps lift people’s spirits and gets them moving: at the gym, in their cars and living rooms, and, of course, on the dance floor.”  

Kristine W, a former beauty queen who competed in the Miss America Pageant as Miss Washington and won the swimsuit competition, as well as the talent competition with her rendition of Summertime has made significant accomplishments in her 15+ years in dance music.  Most notably, she has released 16 #1 dance hits, tying Mariah Carey with the third-most chart toppers on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs chart. Only Madonna (with 40) and Janet (19) have scored more #1s. 

Kristine also holds the world’s record for Most Consecutive #1 Billboard Club Hits. She had nine #1s in a row; Madonna and Janet Jackson trail her with seven.

She has released five pop/dance albums: Land of the Living (1996, RCA Records), Stronger (2000, RCA Records), Fly Again (2003, Tommy Boy), The Power of Music (2009, Fly Again Music) and New & Number Ones (2012, Fly Again Music).

In December, 2009, Billboard published both their Year End and Decade End charts, placing Kristine W in the third place position on the Decade’s Best of 2000s Dance Club Play Artists list, behind Madonna and Beyoncé. New & Number Ones Remixes Part 1 is available now at all major music retailers.  For more visit