“Believing in the impossible and making it a reality is the central theme of Diamond Dreams

by Jeff Dorta
photos courtesy of Aiden Leslie

“I believe everything starts with an idea”, says pop artist Aiden Leslie of his latest single, Diamond Dreams. The new remixes by Klubjumpers, Tim Letteer, Julian Marsh, Joe Mancuso, The All Nighters and Mike Degen has been released to iTunes and major music retailers via ASHEA Records. The song depicts the life journey Leslie launched six days after his high school graduation.  He left his sleepy hometown in Ohio  for the bright lights of the big city of New York to become the music performer he is today. “When you begin to visualize what you want, then you can create a plan of action to make it real” he explains.

Believing in the impossible and making it a reality is the core  theme of Diamond Dreams, however the song also reveals some of the pitfalls Leslie has encountered along the way.

“For a long time, I looked away from love or sought it from people that would never return it,” he admits. “Like so many people, I was afraid to let people in.”

In Diamond Dreams, Leslie rejoins his producer on “Trying to Leave Now”, Mike Degen. Degen encouraged Leslie to bare his soul in the record. “Sharing experiences can be powerful,” continues Leslie. “It helps me to express myself, and it may help someone else too.”

He’s excited to reach a new audience with the remixes. “I always feel remixes are the other story of a song that have yet to be told” he says. “It’s like sharing the next chapter.”

Of course, he won’t admit to having a favorite. “Every remix that I choose is there because I love it,” he says. However, he does point out that he loves the energy of the Klubjumpers club mix. “You will see me performing it live in the coming months!” he adds.

After a two-year of self-imposed hiatus from music, Aiden Leslie blasted on to the pop charts early last year with “Worlds Away”, a song about the death of his beloved sister. It climbed to the top spot on the club music retail site, Masterbeat.com. It’s music video also reached the #1 position on MTV LOGO’s “The Click List”, where it remained for four consecutive weeks.

He returned last fall with “Trying to Leave Now,” a song he wrote about a relationship he was forced to leave even though his feelings were still strong and alive.

Aiden Leslie’s diamond dreams are different today than what they were in the beginning of his journey. “Today, I dream for something bigger. I dream that I will never settle for what I know in my heart to be true, even if it means I must make hard sacrifices.”

He feels blessed and looks back fondly at the long road he has traveled since graduating high school. “In the end, all of what you do in your life makes you who you are,” he says. “Why not celebrate it and reach for the dreams that inspire you? You only have one go-around to make it happen.”

For more information on Aiden Leslie and “Diamond Dreams”, visit www.aidenleslie.com.