Hope in Transition
Rock Ridge Music • Released July 10, 2012

Singer-songwriter Brendan James released his third album Hope In Transition. The album is James’ most hopeful and invigorating collection of music in his critically-acclaimed, seven-year career.  He blurs the genre lines between shimmering soul, confessional folk, and goose-bump inducing pop-rock, and keenly balances a timeless sense of organic instrumentation with a playfully experimental penchant for slinky R&B-flavored beats and tasteful electro ambience. Hope In Transition was produced by Max Coane with additional track production by Julian Coryell.

In 2011, James spent the summer soul-searching and even contemplated giving up music entirely.  When he entered the studio though, producer Coane’s commitment to him as an artist helped James realize music was indeed his true calling.  
“I named the album Hope In Transition simply because of the huge transition I went through last year," James explains.  "When I made my first two albums, the mindset was, ‘Keep your head forward and don’t stop running, keep going, going...’ but I don't care who you are, you can’t keep that up without a break.  Because of the constant motion, I was tired all the time, and was starting to lose the enjoyment I derived from writing. I had to get centered again before I charged ahead.”

The heart of the album is the lead-off single, “Nothin’ But Love,” a song that is instant pop surrender. Over sun-peering-through-the-clouds melodies, James sweetly and limberly flows some brave revelations. “It’s about someone saving you when you’re down,” James says.  “You just feel their love, and feel you’re not alone.” Thus, the song boldly begins: My biggest fear is I’ll let people down and maybe they’ll think less of me/Especially you, you’re the jewel in my crown and I don’t want to mess this up."