LAND OF 10,000 LOVES: A History of Queer Minnesota

In Land of 10,000 Loves, Stewart Van Cleve blends oral history, archival narrative, newspaper accounts, and fascinating illustrations to paint a remarkable picture of Minnesota’s queer history. Land of 10,000 Loves honors this rich and diverse legacy and is a compelling testament to the sacrifices, scandals, and victories that have affected and continue to affect the lives of queer Minnesotans.

"Stewart Van Cleve has gone into the musty archives and brought them to vivid life. His comprehensive and entertaining overview of queer Minnesota history is a total page-turner. This feat is all the more impressive given that he’s writing about people who, for a long time, were trying hard to keep their lives hidden. This important work of regional history is also a kind of family history—documenting our recent past with equal parts painstaking accuracy and unabashed love." --Alison Bechdel, creator of the comic strip DTWOF and former Dyke Heights resident

"Land of 10,000 Loves is in itself an archive of GLBT history, each entry another astute illumination of queer Minnesota places, spaces, and people. We may ourselves be out of the closet, but too much of our history is still hidden. This compendium is a necessary revelation." --Barrie Jean Borich, author of Body Geographic and My Lesbian Husband

"Stewart Van Cleve has made my dream real with this book. I dreamt that scholars, one day, would use the Tretter Collection to reflect our queer world back to us. You will learn something reading this book, find some new story you missed because you were too young, too old, or just not in the right place at the right time. It is rich, wide-ranging, and very smart. May many others be inspired to follow his lead." --Patrick Scully, founder, Patrick's Cabaret

LAND OF 10,000 LOVES • by Stewart Van Cleve • University of Minnesota Press • 344 pages  • paperback $24.95

Stewart Van Cleve is a former assistant curator of the Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies at the University of Minnesota.



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