Thursday, May 27th, 2010
Summertime is travel time and most of us are on the lookout for that perfect memory. You know the one – your favorite picture that makes you laugh, cry or transports you back in time just by looking at it. Capturing the perfect moment can be a matter of luck but forMarcelo Bendahan, author of the new book Jerusalem Always, it was a labor of love.

In Jerusalem Always, Marcelo demonstrates his innate ability to capture life and light with remarkable insight into the human soul. He lets his work ‘speak for itself’ to reveal the positive, vibrant, and wonderful nature of an often misunderstood city with a turbulent history.

“The city’s vitality and colorfulness constantly enchanted and amazed me,” adds Bendahan, “My hope is Jerusalem Always brings the awesome beauty of the city to life.”

Available on www.amazon.comwww.barnesandnoble.com,www.maestrobooks.nl/order.html and in bookstores throughout the United States and Canada.



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