Everyone's favorite little curious monkey has a new adventure when he discovers homo-erotic feelings stirring within. 

George the straight little monkey was always too curious see one day a man with a sassy purple beret… This is the moment where everything is changing, and this classic children's book turns into a book full of  surprises.as the adventures begin. George got excited,  and when this happens the real George is coming out as the  Bi-Curious George and the saga begins.

You don't want me to spoil it for you so I will have to just say this, Get the book and find out how gay George is… and if and how and who is the lucky…m…

This book is for gay adults and it is hilariously clever parody of one of the most beloved classic children's books of all time.

Bi Curious George: An Unauthorized Parody • by Cider Mill Press• $14.95 Hardcover