Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender, and the End of Normal by J. Jack Halberstam

At a time when the world is changing rapidly, from economic downturns to technological advances, is it also time change our views on sex and gender? Jack Halberstam thinks so, and in Gaga Feminism he argues that that a little creative mayhem could be a very good thing for society. Using Lady Gaga the jumping off point for a new kind of feminism that rejects the old models of gender and sexuality and replaces them with something wild, visionary, and fluid; this bookcalls for feminism with fewer  constraints and more spectacle. Exploring new ways of defining gender, creating families, straying from the beaten path, Halberstam provides a new roadmap to sex and gender in the twenty-first century.

Gaga feminism does not offer hard and fast rules to live by. It is not a call to put women in positions of power, nor does it does not favor women over men. Instead it aims to recalibrate the way gender is understood. Positioning Lady Gaga as the symbol for this new way seeing the world, Halberstam discusses what the pop star signifies for those who do not wish to conform to the norms and traditions set out for men and women through politics, society, and pop culture. 

Judith "Jack" Halberstam is the author of four books including, Female Masculinity (Duke Up, 1998) and The Queer Art of Failure, (Duke Up, 2011). Currently a professor of English and Gender Studies at USC, Halberstam teaches classes in queer theory, cultural studies, film, and the arts. Halberstam also writes a blog at and has been published in outlets including The Nation and Bitch. When not writing and reading, Halberstam can be found in LA, complaining about the endless sunshine.