The victim of a brutal hate crime never resolved is the core of THE SCAR LETTERS by Richard Alther. It is his latest novel  published by Centaur Press on September 5, 2013. 

THE SCAR LETTERS by Richard Alther is a beautifully written account of a gay man’s psychological and emotional journey from being the victim of a chilling hate crime to blossoming into a self-assured individual. Rudy must reconcile not only the horrible memory and scars of his attack, but also his childhood and romantic past.

“There are many sexual scenes but they do not cross the line of typified erotic fiction. This novel not only explores sexuality but stereotypes and expectations of gays as well.
“Beyond fiction THE SCAR LETTERS is a valuable player in the social battles and conversations that permeate the media and all of our relationships today. ~ Elise Wallace, The Editorial Freelancers Association

There is certainly no question that Richard Alther's new novel, The Scar Letters, transcends the genre of gay fiction, but to label it ‘literary fiction’ could too easily dissuade a sensible reader from picking it up, reading a few pages, and then sitting back with a sigh of satisfaction, knowing that here is a really good book.

“The Scar Letters is narrated by Rudy Dallmann, a gay man in his forties, who was brutally attacked and raped some twenty years earlier, and has lived in semi-isolation ever since. Forced by his longtime and closest friend, Tex, to confront the issue, Rudy sets about in his own quietly determined fashion to reconcile his past with his present and hopes for the future. Rudy is not the sort to ‘assert himself into everything dead-center,’ but he is an honest man, with himself and others—not a small accomplishment in a gay or any other world.

“This is a very compelling story—a universal story—difficult to believe anyone could have told it better. Alther handles narrative and characters like a truly gifted film director or cinematographer. We are in Rudy's head, but the camera sweeps, darts, settles, focusing on one aspect and then another of the well-developed supporting cast. Location and action merge effortlessly into memorable scenes, and the often troubling past is filtered through the emerging present, leaving narrator and reader (as Rudy says after hearing Mahler) "hushed, drained, somehow elevated." There is never an awkward sentence or a sentiment that disappoints.

“Alther intersperses his story with accounts—often just a few sentences, a full chapter in one instance—of the horrifying treatment homosexuals have encountered throughout recorded history. There is nothing heavy handed about this; it is simply there to remind the reader that it has always been there and for a variety of reasons. At this particular time, as the country grapples with the issue of same-sex marriage, Alther's calm recitationof this horrendous heritage should certainly give pause to those of us who have never lived with this kind of fear.

Overall, this is a great book and a great story and  a  must read. The Scar Letters is a story of our struggle with hate crimes, and how it affect our community, We must support this beautifully-written book that will become part of our history.

RICHARD ALTHER’S first two novels are  The Decade of Blide Dates and Siegfried Follies. He is also a Master’s Swimmer and exhibiting painter, living in Vermont and Southern California with his husband Ray Repp.

The Scar Letters is published by Centaur Books of Chicago  and it is available on, at $14.28

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by  David Cohen 

As a pioneer in the nutraceutical field and an beauty expert for multiple syndicated mediums celebrity skin-care guru Scott-Vincent Borba appeared as an expert on Extra!, QVC, E! NewsThe Rachael Ray Show and Good Day LA. He also was featured in People Magazine, US Weekly, OK!, Cosmopolitan, Elle, InStyle, Prevention, the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

As a teen Scott-Vincet suffered terrible cystic acne, a case of rosacea, and became overweight in all the wrong places. Despite his insecurities he build himself a successful career as a product development and marketing specialist in the health and beauty industry. While helping and taking care for his father who was diagnosed with prostate challenges and pancreatic cancer, Scot-Vincent discovered how nutraceuticals could help healing any body and skin.

With the help of product specialists, he began his research of combining topical ingredients with ingestible ingredients to achieve radiant health—and skin—and his BORBA line of products was born. 

Today, women and men spend a fortune on skin products because they want to stay and look young. Scott-Vincent teach us in his new book what we need to do to get a radiant and younger looking skin. In his book "You Are What You Eat"  Scott-Vincent shares with us how skin-saving superfoods, recipes, and method of "do-it-yourself" facials will rebuild our skin from the inside out. Endorsed by Paula Abdul, Mila Kunis and Nancy O’Dell, Scot-Vincent is not afraid to share his secrets with all of us. 

You are what you eat is an expression many of us heard before in relation to one’s waistline and complexion. In Cooking Your Way to Gorgeous the skin-friendly super-foods, age-reversing recipes, and the fabulous homemade facials ($17.95) are the elements of Scott-Vincent Borbas' beauty philosophy that begins on the inside. "When you feed your skin what it needs on the inside, you banish problem areas and regenerate healthier and younger-looking skin. In our quest for a radiant and lit-from-within-glow, our skin is often overwhelmed with the endless creams and serums we used. What we feed our body is the secret to maintaing healthy skin which depends on what we choose to feed our body and it is an integral part of our skin maintenance requirements" promise Scott-Vincent. 

“What we use as ingredients to nurture our skin must work with the skin products we use in achieve the optimum effects,” Scott-Vincent explains. “When you eat the right type of food and then apply the right skin products as nutrients to your skin is what will speed up the process in getting the result in appearance we looking for, by twice as fast as we expect!”

As a pioneer in the super food arena, Scott-Vincent recognizes the healing power of the ingredients we use, and their internal and external benefits. Battling cystic acne for many years, and helping Hollywood's elite to shine on the red-carpet helped Scott-Vincet to discover the most powerful anti-aging foods resulting in glowing skin. His delicious skin-friendly recipes and the know how of "do-it-yourself" facials and scrubs, using many products you might have in your fridge or pantry, Scott-Vincent delivers the secrets to healthy skin. Whether your problem is wrinkles, pimples, brown spots, or blackheads, we must learn how to the use his simple and effective techniques. You will discover the effectiveness of natural home remedies over the overpriced creams and lotions available on the market. Scott-Vincet's wonderful natural recipes will stimulate the growth of your cellular cells and give you the smooth skin texture you want, as well as learning to pick up the right greens in your fridge and create the best and most effective natural face scrub you ever gave yourself.

“Take a handful of kale and mince it finely, mix them in a bowl with mint extract and plain gelatin or pectin,” Scott-Vincent advises. “Kale will gently slough off the dull and the dead skin, while the mint will open the pores, and the pectin will help the mixture to adhere. You will always end up with a smooth and radiant skin!” 

With Cooking Your Way to Gorgeous, you can become a "beauty foodie," by indulging in amazing cuisine that makes you look truly amazing. Who knew that turning heads could be as simple as turning on your oven, blender, or stove top? 

Almond-Oat Shortcakes with Strawberries anyone? How about some Vanilla-Pumpkin Pudding, Sinful Skin-ful Nachos, or a Berry Blast Pizza? Using the right food and nutrients will cause your skin to taste better than ever before, while you will provide the best care to a healthy skin! 

Paula Abdul admits "Scott-Vincent Borba's philosophy about treating your inner-health as much as your outer-health is paramount to healthy living." Mila Kunis admits that “Scott-Vincent Borba is an inspiration" and how impressed she is with him! As Nancy O’Dell declares "I absolutely love Scott-Vincent Borba!"

The BORBA line of nutraceutical products, supplements and waters are available all in many luxury stores, nutritional stores such as Walgreens and HSN all over the US.

For more information visit His new book is available on
by Nicole Sholar  • Published by  G  Press • $24.95   

In her memoir Hung in the Middle: A Journey of Gender Discovery, Alana (Alan) Nicole Sholar shares the intense ups and downs of her self-discovery and relays how she learned to truly love others and love herself.

Alan was only eight years old when he first realized something was wrong. Dressing in his mother’s clothing felt good, but he never talked about it. Terrified of  these  urges and  afraid to admit them, Sholar became a hard drinking, pill popping guitar player with a sex addiction that led to multiple partners s while hiding the secret within, not knowing there were others like him in the world.

In 2005  as Alana Nicole, scholar took the first step toward  accepting her transgendered identity. “No matter what name people use for ‘me’ I am still the same person—have the same personality, skills,  talents, education, wit and humor and caring; always been the same ‘me.’ It always struck me as odd how Alan’s friends didn’t care for Alana and Alana’s friends didn’t care for Alan.  The only difference between the two comes from the perspective of the person doing the seeing—whether they choose to see Alan or Alana.

As Sholar was ready to admit her transgendered identity to her family and friends, she also had to tell them she had been diagnosed as HIV positive and embrace the life changes this diagnosis contained.

Sholar comments, "I’m not sure I decided to write the book as much as the book as much as the book decided it was time to be written.  for sure I couldn’t t write my story until I was able to tell all of it."
By William Klaber
Published by  Greenleaf Book Group Press • $24.95

Women in the 1800’s  American society had no rights and  no real prospects besides being a maid servant or a wife.  They most definitely were not allowed to wear men’s clothes or to marry another woman, but one Lucy Ann Lobell did.
After being abandoned by her husband, Lucy left her three year old daughter in the care of her family and set out to find a better life.  So one day in 1855, Lucy Lodell cut her hair, and put on britches and became “Joseph.”  She did it to earn men’s wages, but the changes went far beyond anything she had imagined.  The Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell, is the account of Lucy’s extraordinary foray into the world of men and her inward journey to a new sexual identity.  It is her promised memoir, as heard and recorded a century later by William Klaber, a neighbor. 
Struggling with her sexuality, expression and her self-esteem, Joseph faced  rejection in every town in which she tried to live in because of the way she lived her life, but bought a piece of land in Minnesota and raised her horses to survive.  One day, Joseph was caught swimming naked in the river by her neighbor who end up raping her and told everyone who she really was. As a result, she was put on trial for wearing men’s clothes and in a ridiculous twist of events the courts tried to convict her for wearing pants and impersonating a man!
After leaving Minnesota in search of her estranged daughter she ended up in an Almhouse where she met Marie Perry who later became her wife, that’s right her wife. They were married by an unsuspecting Judge who took Joseph a man. Based on a true story this book is part of LGBT American history, and most likely her marriage to Marie must have been the first same-sex marriage to ever recorded in the USA.
“Lucy lived at a time when women did not commonly carry a rifle, sit down in bars, or have romantic liaisons with other women,” says Klaber.  “Lucy did these things in a personal quest—to work and be paid, to wear what she wanted and to love whomever she cared to.” 
After many years of  mishaps and hardship Lucy or “Joseph” as she called herself, was admitted to an insane asylum where she spent the rest of her days until she died at the age of 83.
by David Cohen

The Passionate Vegetable 

By Suzanne Landry  • Health Inspired Publishing • $29.95

Vegetables are often relegated to the side of meat, fish or poultry, but chef and educator, Suzanne Landry, takes these garden gems and turns them into delicious and flavorable entrees unto themselves.  The Passionate Vegetable is full of  recipes that fit any type of lifestyle diet, from vegan and vegetarian, to meat-eaters. 

For over 30 years Suzanne has educated people on how eating a variety of vegetables is the best path to optimal health. Focusing on the connection between food and healing, Suzanne has created a trove of  fresh enticing dishes, which not only make the most of seasonal produce from your local farmers markets or community garden, but enables even the unskilled home cook to create tasty, healthy, and well-balanced meals. Always a crowd pleased, Suzanne is happy to shares her favorite recipe with PINK!

California Fiesta Quinoa Salad 
(Serves 6)
1 cup quinoa, uncooked  
2 cups water 
¼  tsp sea salt
¾  cup chopped medium tomato  
¼  cup chopped celery  
½  cup seeded and chopped cucumber 
½  cup chopped scallions 
½  cup of cleaned and chopped fresh cilantro 
½ cup fresh or frozen blanched corn 
½  cup of rinsed and drained cooked black beans  
¼  cup of pitted and diced black olives. Kalamata olives are the best!

1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil •1 tsp of hot red pepper flakes or more to taste)
2 Tbs red wine vinegar or ¼ cup lemon juice • ½  tsp sea salt
  • Boil 2 cups water and add salt. Thoroughly rinse quinoa in strainer. Place in boiling water, cover, and reduce heat to medium-low. Cook for 20 minutes or until grain is fluffed and water is absorbed.  Remove from pot into a large bowl and allow to cool before adding vegetables.
  • Slice tomatoes into ½-inch slabs and remove most of the seeds.  Then cut tomatoes into sticks and crosswise into ½-inch cubes. This will give you evenly sized tomato pieces that won’t get mushy if the salad isn’t eaten right away. 
  • Cut celery by slicing down the rib in the center of the stalk. If the stalk is large you might want to cut it in thirds. Then cut crosswise into ½-inch pieces.
  • Slice cucumber lengthwise into 4 strips and then remove center seeds. Chop these strips into ½-inch pieces. Remove root ends of scallions and cross chop into ¼-inch pieces. Toss cooled quinoa with all remaining vegetables, beans, and olives.
  • Mix vinegar, oil, hot pepper flakes, and salt together. Toss lightly with salad. Refrigerate for an hour before serving. This will last 5 days in the refrigerator.  

Serving Suggestions: 
My favorite way of enjoying this as a leftover is in scrambled eggs!  Just before the eggs set hard, I add ¼ cup or so of this salad and give it a stir.  Very yummy breakfast!
Elvis in concert in Memphis, July 1956. A flashbulb went off in the audience just as Wertheimer took the photo. 
Photos: 2013 Alfred Wertheimer. Courtesy TASCHEN

The King of Rock'n'Roll is born 
The making of Elvis, behind the scenes
By Alfred Wertheimer • TASCHEN• Spring 2013 

“Elvis who?” was photographer Alfred Wertheimer’s response when, in early 1956, an RCA Victor publicist asked him to shoot an up-and-coming crooner from Memphis. Little did Wertheimer know that this would be the job of a lifetime.  At just 21 years old, Elvis Presley was about to become an international legend, and trailing him like a shadow, Wertheimer was given unlimited access to get up close and personal.  From the gyrating on stage to seducing young women in dark hallways, Elvis allowed the photographer to record his every move. Wertheimer took nearly 3,000 extraordinary photographs of intimacy and unparalleled in its scope, Wertheimer’s Elvis project immortalized a young man in the very process of making history. (Just a month after he shot Elvis recording the “Don’t Be Cruel”/“Hound Dog” record, it became the first ever song to top all three Billboard charts.)
This collector’s edition of 1,706 numbered and signed copies by Wertheimer, highlight his most remarkable shots from 1956, as well as a selection of his 1958 pictures of the star being shipped off to an Army base in Germany. Nearly half of the photographs in this book have never been published before. Each chapter is illustrated with an original poster created especially for this book by Hatch Show Print, one of the oldest letterpress print shops in America which helped define the imagery of country music in the 1940’s and Rock and Roll (including many early Elvis posters) in the ’50’s. Fans of photojournalism, portraiture, and, of course, the King himself will covet this collector’s volume.

The Killer Wore Leather
By Laura Antoniou • Cleis Press & Viva Editions • March 2013

Cormac “Mack” Steel, the Global Mr. Leather and Fetish, has been murdered in Manhattan’s Grand Sterling Hotel during the huge annual BDSM/fetish weekend ball. He was found on the floor of his suite wearing only a pair of frilly, yellow panties.   Detective Rebecca Feldblum, a murder specialist who worked on number of high-profile cases, had never seen a case like this one. She must track down the murderer who could be any one of the thousands in attendance.  In the world of leather and latex, masters and slaves, pups and trainers, Detective Feldblum has only until the end of the weekend to find out who killed Mack Steel. Before she knows it, she gets herself tied and bound up in the  kinky underworld, a world she never explored. With wit and insight Antoniou leads you into a deliciously tongue-in-cheek murder mystery overflowing with the intriguing, and often hilarious personalities of BDSM and kink.  
Readers will only become more engrossed in this world of roleplay as their eagerness to find out who killed Mr. Leather grows.  $16.95, trade paperback original • 416 pagesISBN: 978-1-57344-930-4

Q&A with AARON HARTZLER, author of Rapture Practice

by Lisa Moraleda, Associate Director of Publicity at Little Brown Books for Young Readers

Growing up gay in a fundamentalist evangelical family, Aaron Hartzler was taught from an early age that at any moment the Rapture could happen...that Jesus might come down and scoop him and his family up to heaven. As a kid, Aaron was thrilled by this idea. But at fifteen, the Rapture becomes a race against the clock, as Aaron fights to experience a life that is strictly forbidden by his parents. Deciding to break their biggest rule, Aaron purchases a movie ticket, which eventually leads him down a path of rebellion. From watching television to listening to rock music, making out and drinking alcohol, Aaron’s thoughts and actions carry him further and further away from fundamentalist Christian teachings and from his own family. In RAPTURE PRACTICE Aaron Hartzler recalls his teenage journey to find the person he is without losing the family that loves him. Ultimately this story is about finding your own truth while accepting your family for who they are, RAPTURE PRACTICE will speak to anyone who has ever questioned religion, sexuality, or one’s path in life. 

PINK: What is your message for this book?
Aaron Hartzler: I think that growing up means learning to really like who you are—not try to be something somebody else wants you to be. If you’re a teenager who feels like your decisions are being made for you, or in spite of you: hang on. You do have a voice, and what you have to say matters.
PINK: Who is this book is intended for?
A: This book is first and foremost for teenagers in religious schools—especially those who might be questioning their faith, or their sexuality, or both. It’s also for teenagers who feel that their decisions are being made for them. Beyond that, I think the book will appeal to anyone who has ever had questions about religion, sexuality, or felt a conflict between the path they feel called to in life, versus the path someone else wants them to follow.
PINK: When did you start writing this book?
A: After grad school I move to L.A. to be an actor. This book grew out of my one-man shows and standup. Some of the writing I did for the stage wound up in this book, so I guess you could say I’ve been writing this off and on for thirteen years, though I didn’t start trying to write it as a book until about seven years ago.
PINK: What do your parents think about the book?
A: I don’t know. I’ve told them about it, but they haven’t asked to read it as of yet, and we haven’t discussed it. I really wanted this book to be a love note to my childhood. I am unflinchingly honest in the writing, but I love them very much. I’ve said since the day I started writing it that I want this book to be a parade, not a baseball bat.
PINK: What are you doing with your life today?
A: My boyfriend and I live in Palm Springs, about an hour and a half away from Los Angeles, and we own two rescue dogs. I mainly write books and screenplays—but I still act from time to time. I’m up for a part in a movie this summer. I have so many creative opportunities now, and all of them are a direct result of telling my story as authentic and honest as I did.  I have discovered that if I don’t like something about my life, I have the power to change it, and when I remember to do that, things get better and better.
PINK: Do you ever go back home to Kansas City?
 A: I have a tight-knit group of friends from high school that I still see every year or two in Kansas City. It’s always fun to be back and reminisce. Kansas City was a great place to grow up. It’s a beautiful city full of tree-lined boulevards and beautiful neighborhoods with fountains and plazas developed by a man named J.C. Nichols. He also helped develop Beverly Hills. There’s an excellent Equity theatre (Kansas City Rep), and lots of great support for the arts.
PINK: Do you affiliate yourself with any religion?
A: I don’t affiliate myself with any religious group. I grew up with all of the pat answers to the world’s unanswerable questions: Why are we here? Is there a God? What happens when we die? The older I’ve gotten, the less I know for sure, and the happier I’ve become. I’m just one of those people who is okay with not knowing. There are so many beautiful colors on the spectrum between black and white, and for me, the “mysteries” that organized religion claim to represent—virgin birth, atonement, resurrection—seem to pale in comparison to the true mystery of our natural universe. I love the idea of God. There’s just unfortunately a lot of baggage that comes with believing in God in the Christian fundamentalist sense.
PINK: If you could give your 15-year-old self one piece of advice, what would it be?
A: Be easy on yourself. You have all of the answers inside you. It’s okay to follow your inner GPS. It will be hard, but you are stronger than you know. By finding your voice and telling your story, you’ll be able to help other people, which will make you feel better than anything else ever will.

Aaron HartzlerRapture Practic • To be Released April, 2013

Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender, and the End of Normal by J. Jack Halberstam

At a time when the world is changing rapidly, from economic downturns to technological advances, is it also time change our views on sex and gender? Jack Halberstam thinks so, and in Gaga Feminism he argues that that a little creative mayhem could be a very good thing for society. Using Lady Gaga the jumping off point for a new kind of feminism that rejects the old models of gender and sexuality and replaces them with something wild, visionary, and fluid; this bookcalls for feminism with fewer  constraints and more spectacle. Exploring new ways of defining gender, creating families, straying from the beaten path, Halberstam provides a new roadmap to sex and gender in the twenty-first century.

Gaga feminism does not offer hard and fast rules to live by. It is not a call to put women in positions of power, nor does it does not favor women over men. Instead it aims to recalibrate the way gender is understood. Positioning Lady Gaga as the symbol for this new way seeing the world, Halberstam discusses what the pop star signifies for those who do not wish to conform to the norms and traditions set out for men and women through politics, society, and pop culture. 

Judith "Jack" Halberstam is the author of four books including, Female Masculinity (Duke Up, 1998) and The Queer Art of Failure, (Duke Up, 2011). Currently a professor of English and Gender Studies at USC, Halberstam teaches classes in queer theory, cultural studies, film, and the arts. Halberstam also writes a blog at and has been published in outlets including The Nation and Bitch. When not writing and reading, Halberstam can be found in LA, complaining about the endless sunshine.
The World According to Wonder is the first publication from the Hollywood-based production company World of Wonder, Some of the work produced and directed by the company include fine documentaries and wired original programs, such as  Monica in Black and White, a feature documentary about Monica Lewinsky, Heidi Fleiss: Madam of Crystal and Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinkingand  The Eyes of Tammy FayeIn September 2011, The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell premiered on HBO on the very day that the controversial military policy was repealed, and last the HBO documentary In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye, celebrating 120 years of Vogue, To top it all Million Dollar Listing and RuPaul's Drag Race became World of Wonder's biggest TV hit shows, and  house hold favorites.  The World According to Wonder is a book jam-packed with hundreds of photos and hilarious stories telling the history of the company and its wired productions.

The eleven chapters spread out over nearly 400 pages are filled with original shots taken by photographers Idris Rheubottom and Tony Craig of many pop culture personalities, and of many celebrity portraits that never seen before.

Written by co-founders and award-winning filmmakers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, the book is not only a celebration of twenty one years of production and the people they met. It is also their life story from the time when it was the dawn of reality TV, and they track the rise of this revolutionary genre through their modest triumphs and abysmal failures, sharing their passion for telling drama stories of those on the edge of our society.

Some of those features include Pamela Anderson, Chaz Bono, Andy Cohen, Macaulay Culkin, the Duchess of York, Elvira, Linda Evangelista, Carrie Fisher, Heidi Fleiss, Larry Flynt, Perez Hilton, La Toya Jackson, Kato Kaelin, Lady Bunny, Marilyn Manson, Imelda Marcos, Kelly Osbourne, Camille Paglia, Joey Ramone, RuPaul, Chloe Sevigny, Ultra Naté, Dita von Teese, John Waters, Carnie Wilson, Holly Woodlawn, and many, other celebrities.

The World According to Wonder is the work and cutting edge product of  a twisted duo, once lovers, now old men trying to hold on to a world that has long gone called youth. This celebration of hollywood red carpet, TV personalities, Los Angeles "Want-A-Bees," and "glorious odd moments" is the ultimate in inferior psychotic creativity, dedicated to the celebration of twenty one years of their life. 

This remarkable hard cover book is available for purchase on for only $110.00.