Photos: on the left as Tommy Gabel, on the right as Laura Jane Grace.

In the first exclusive on-camera interview, Laura Jane Grace, formerly known as Tommy Gabel is the  lead singer-guitarist  of the 15-year old punk band Against Me.  The singer talked to MTV about about her debut performance earlier this year with the band as Laura Jane Grace.  Laura also talked about the process of coming out, and what it means to be a transgender today.

In her interview with MTV News’ James Montgomery the lead singer revealed her very honest and true feelings. With a series of questions that covered everything from the reaction of Laura’s family, friends, her band mates, to the Rolling Stone article, Laura tells it all. Find out how Laura came to terms with who she really is.

To see the full interview, including a Q&A with the entire band go to www.mtvnews.comTuesday, June 19, 2012. 

Source: MTV Press release