by David Cohen

Have you ever wonder if you can eat decadent desserts, breads, and sweets every day and still remain healthy and thin?
    The answer is yes.  At B True Bakery baked goods such as cookies, muffins, scones, breads and even cakes can be a good healthy choice for anyone. At B True Bakery, they take the time to transform regular sweet favorites into healthier options without sacrificing the flavor or texture.  B True Bakery’s all-natural, whole grain baked goods are free of trans-fats, enriched, refined flours, and preservatives. They use only natural, seasonal, and local ingredients resulting in an amazing array of delicious baked goods. B True offers a large selection, from muffins and scones, cookies and brownies, and wonderful breads that you will never know are a much healthier choice than their “normal” counterparts.
    "Our whole grain sweets are a delicious indulgence you can enjoy with peace of mind," said Brady Braden, founder and owner of B True Bakery. According to Brady, "Breakfast is a great time to increase your daily whole grain consumption. Our selection of morning pastries and artisan breads will surely please any member of your family."  
    Nine years ago, 70 pounds heavier  and out of shape, Bradly was eating lots of processed food full of fat and sugar. One day, on a visit to his doctor office, Bradly decided it was time to make a positive change and make things happen. "I have always been aware of the complications that being overweight or obese can cause.”  The visit to his doctor was truly a wake-up call. Bradley realized he had to loose the weight. His memories as an active kid, and as a swimmer in high school only helped him to achieve his goal.
    With the help of his encouraging old friend, Brady joined a gym, and shortly after  became a fitness instructor. He worked a few days a week at the gym teaching people how to have fun in spin classes. While continuing his quest for health, Brady enrolled in the French Pastry School in Chicago.  Brady graduated in December 2008, and a few months later in April 2009, he applied his knowledge, skills, and passion and opened his own business, The B True Bakery in Oak Park, Illinois.
    Coming from a baking family, Brady, who had been addicted to sweets, began converting his family recipes into all natural delights. “I removed any ingredients that were processed or contained hormones. That meant real butter, real eggs, raw sugar, whole wheat flour, and more all-natural tasty ingredients." After many experiments and long nights of baking, “I was able to convert most of the recipes into a healthier option. I knew it was still a cookie or brownie, but it didn’t have all that other ‘stuff’ in it that my body doesn’t need." By encouraging his customers to indulge in delectable baked goods while enjoying the health benefits of whole grains, Brady turned the bakery into an overnight success.
    Just as the bakery name implies, Brady has always been true to himself by maintaining a positive attitude. With these core values, Brady helps others to make a change in their lives, while teaching also them the importance of healthy eating and fitness.
    Some of B True Bakery’s delights include: Cranberry and Red Wheat Breakfast Loaf - $6 each; Whole Wheat Banana and Apple Muffins - $1; Apple and Cinnamon Scones - $2.50; Triple Chocolate Wheat Cupcakes - $3. B True also offers healthy dog treats.
    B True’s goodies are delivered to several businesses and farmers' markets in the Chicago area, including Chicago's Downtown Farmstand, Ipsento Coffee House and Roaster, New Wave Coffee, Andersonville Farmer's Market, The
Coffee and Tea Exchange in Lakeview, and at our PINKStore online.  
    For more information about B True Bakery and where to purchase, visit