Posted on December 3, 2010
by David Cohen

This week is a week to remember in Illinois gay history. On Tuesday, the Illinois House passed the civil union legislation and on Wednesday the Senate with a narrow victory voted to legalize it.

When Gov. Pat Quinn signs the legislation, it will become a new law but the opposition to the new law is still there.

Governor Pat Quinn said Wednesday he will sign Senate Bill 1716, which creates civil unions and passed the state Senate on a 32-24 vote. “I think this is a proud day for the people of our state,” Quinn told reporters in his office after the vote. “It’s everybody in and nobody left out.”

But Don Blasing, the current president of the Evangelical Ministerial Association of Greater Peoria has a different opinion “We feel it violates the Biblical standards God established for human relationships and marriage”

Personally I believe we are on the right path to equality and it is a step in the right direction. The law will give gay couples some of the same rights as heterosexual couples have, including health insurance to the partner of a gay employee in a civil union. Unfortunately, we would not be able to file joint federal tax returns because the federal government does not recognize civil unions as a real marriage.

I hope this will change in time, This is a new era for the state of IL, an era of prosperity, growth and acceptancy . We are moving forward toward freedom and equality. There is nothing more beautiful then seeing two people in love regardless of their color, race or sexuality.