I always believed in hard work, and the benefits that come with it. For 2012 PINK & PINK PAGES were recognized for its excellence and we won four major awards.

The "Best of Chicago 2012 Award" for publishing and service. Publisher David Cohen, was one of the "TOP 5% Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles for 2012."  PINK was named "TOP10 Gay & Lesbian Magazines/Publications in the USA for 2012" by Cision Navigator, and one of the year's "10 Best Lesbian Magazines" in the world by Dating Advice.

My goal of reaching 1,000,000 hits per month became a reality in January 2013. The number of hits has been increasing every month since May 2012 which received only 30,000 hits.  

So what's new for 2013? 
For a long time I had an idea to transform the PINK & PINK PAGES into an Ultimate Gay Experience©. 
I want to engage our readers in a dynamic way with our print and our website and create a one stop shopping for all gay needs. We offer good editorial, entertainment, shopping online, travel, airline reservations, gay weddings, rent or buy a home or commercial space and much more. Instead of waiting until Gay Pride, I have decided to launch my idea this spring. Since then, I have been working non stop, about 20 hours a day to accommodate all the inquiries we got. It feels great, just like the old good days.

For the first time ever, the spring issue of the PINK & PINK PAGES will include 5 section (instead of 2). The new  Gay Visitor Guide to Chicago and the Gay Wedding Guide dubbed "Here Come The Grooms, and the Brides" are great resources to every member of our community. The guide will include of my favorite places to see, to do, where to shop, dine, drink, and much more. 

By Gay Pride this year our cities Denver, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle will follow Chicago. The Gay Pride issue will be released at the last week in June and it will include all 6 cities in one publication.

The NEW PINK PAGES will consist of five sections: 
PINK the magazine.
A Gay Visitor Guide to Chicago: what to see, do, shop, eat, drink and more.
Here Come the Grooms and the Brides, our resource guide to Gay Wedding services. 
PINK PAGES  is our yellow pages of gay own and gay friendly businesses. 
PINKCoupon is our savings section offering many deals from our advertisers.

The PINKStore & PINKGives-A-Way, our recent features on PINKmag.com will complete the gay experience to our loyal readers and followers. 

PINK & PINK PAGES will be the only publication that will provide all these services in one spot in print,  and in one place on the website. Set apart from the rest of the LGBTQ publications this one stop shopping online and in print will become the most comprehensive source of information and entertainment spot to serve the LGBTQ community in the USA in the years to come.

As always, we welcome your questions and comments. Send us an email and tell us how we can improve the PINK PAGES, so it will serve you better.

Happy Gay Pride 2013.
David Cohen