Posted on March 25, 2010
by David Cohen

I Just got an email from a media colleague, Mark Segal, the publisher of PGN and I would like to share part of the email with you:

“Each year, the U.S. government funds thousands of capital projects and programs for communities. We in the LGBT community must begin to make that a priority and take the bureaucratic and political steps to fund our projects. After all, we are tax-paying citizens, no different from other communities already receiving not millions but billions of dollars for brick and mortar for their communities.

“We are not addressing funding for HIV/AIDS: We are specifically dealing with LGBT community funding. But the government won’t know that unless we take the proper steps to address this ourselves by researching what programs are offered and applying. This is the next frontier of activism and equality.”

As I was reading it I knew in my heart that this issue is important, and that we need to stand up and fight for it. It’s never too late.

Mark Segal is the publisher of PGN. He can be reached at