The new Issue is OUT, and it’s everywhere!

The new issue of PINK Magazine will hit the streets this week for the Holidays and for the Winter 2012 season. You can download a PDF version of it on  www.PINKmag.com.

With the holidays upon us, I would like to wish you and your loved ones a warm and happy holiday season and a happy and healthy new year!

During this wonderful season, it is important to realize how fortunate we are, while also remembering those less fortunate who are in need of our help. Please consider donating or volunteering at a local charity and helping someone who may really need it. Check with your local organizations to see where you can help!  This holiday season should be about The Joy of Giving which is also the title of PINK’s ultimate Gift Guide for 2011.

To begin your holiday season, Donny and Marie Osmond will be together in Chicago for the first time to share their holiday traditions and spirit. This is a once in a lifetime chance–an opportunity that no one should miss!

I had the pleasure of meeting Catie Curtis, the lesbian folk-rock singer, last August during Market Days. She helped make PINK’s event “Marry Me PINK” a huge success! During her visit to Chicago, Catie showed me what an amazing person she is. She impressed me with what she stands for, her real-life attitudes, and the creativity and impactful music she creates. My joyful experience with Catie is the one I want to share with all of you.

That same month, I had the privilege of meeting one of the most genuine and giving people, the heterosexual rugby star Mr. Ben Cohen. Ben has recently retired from rugby and has devoted his life to helping gay people fight bullying all over the world. Writer Aaron Brost, who spent many days with Ben during his visit to Chicago, shares his experiences with Ben in his story “Stand Up and Give!”

Canadian photographer and filmmaker Pierre Simard discovered a new talent last May in Montréal–model aka Jordan. This new superstar definitely deserves your attention, so check it out.

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May the New Year bring us all happiness, health and prosperity, especially for those in need!