by David Cohen

Since it was installed in the terminals of Paris-Orly Airport on November 8, 2011, the Automated Baggage Drop-off System, developed by a special team at the airports of Paris has been a huge success.
At the Future Travel Experience Forum held in Vancouver, Canada, on September 5-7, 2012, the Best Baggage Initiative award for 2012 was given to Aéroports de Paris in front of an audience composed of around 400 professionals from the air travel industry, from over 160 organisations.
Future Travel Experience is the only independent world-wide forum dedicated to transport industry stakeholders. It focuses on the end-to-end travel process from the passenger's point of view, from booking to the collection of baggage at the arrival destination.
This new system allows passengers to check-in their baggage in less than just 30 seconds. This service will at the continue with this service at the Paris-Orly Airport and the West terminal will have the new system installed by the end of this year, while  Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport will have the system installed by the beginning of 2013.
"Passengers have adopted this technological innovation very quickly. Apart from obviously saving time, this free service also means the baggage drop-off stage runs smoothly. It is positive for the passengers and for the airlines as well," pointed out François Rubichon, Deputy CEO of Aéroports de Paris.
So how does the automated baggage drop-off system work?...  in only two steps.
Checking-in: passengers will have to print their boarding-pass at the self-service machine, or check in online at home. Passengers will be getting their baggage ticket that will need to be attached  to their Luggage.
Dropping Luggage off: After checking in passengers will scan their boarding ticket at the drop-of area and put their luggage into the machine. The Machine will check the name and the weight and then sent your luggage to the airline. Passengers will receive a  automated "baggage receipt".
It takes only thirty seconds for the luggage to be is checked in, and automatically directed onto the usual route where it is screened and inspected again before arriving at the final destination––the aircraft. This system is safe and quick.